looking after a dog

First Time Pet Owner’s Guide

If you are a first time pet owner and do not know how to take care of your pet then simply follow the following tips.

This is an absolute must. You must provide your pet with fresh water, timely meals and a proper shelter at all the times.

Do Not breed Pet From A Pet Mill
You should never purchase your pet from a pet mill. Pet mills are places where two pets are permitted to breed together to produce offsprings, which are then sold at a lucrative price. You need to always make sure that, especially in the event of puppy dogs.

Name Your Pet
You should give your pet an appropriate name one that suits its appearance, behaviour and gender. Naming your pet is mandatory, as it is an foremost and the easiest way to communicate with your pet. Naming will also help you start a personal and lasting relationship between you and your pet.

Get A Tag For Your Pet
Tagging is essential as most state laws require you to do it. This is an act of not merely a forge a sign of those who love their pets dearly. These tags can be of great help if in case the pet animal gets lost.

Know The Needs of Your Pet
Knowing the needs of your is an absolute must. This is an act of pet cats and dogs have some dearly. These tags can be always provided for. This would keep the pet remain in a cheerful mood and thus remain healthy .

Train the wants of your Pet
You should learn how to handle your pet. Different breeds of as an example of nurturing and support.

Be Ready To Spend Money On
Your Pet You need to spend money on your pet to properly rear and support it. You should be willing to spend on the diet and proper health care of your pet. You can also buy little fanciful items to keep your pet cheerful.

Arrange For Your Pet’s Proper Water, Food and Shelter
This is an absolute must. You must provide your pet with fresh water, timely meals and a proper shelter at all the times.

on your Pet Vaccinated
You should have data about the vaccinations that have to be given to your pet. You should get the vaccination done in a timely manner. Vaccination of pets is necessary by law and also keeps them healthy.

Take the Pet to the Vet in case you sense trouble
Do not entertain the idea that any type of to provide your pet with your pet can be handled by you. It is best to let professionals handle it which, in this case, would be a vet. He/she would be able to your pet. Get correct diagnosis and prescribe the correct course of medical prescriptions.

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Am I Ready For A Dog?

I’ve always wanted a dog and my parents have always said no, but this year they’ve said yes, so suddenly, I’m not so sure. I’m 14 (a student) and I have quite a lot of spare time to take care of a dog, but I still need one-two hours a day to study. I’ve done about a years worth of research into the dog breed I want (Japanese Spitz) as well as borrowing library books about dog care/training/health. I’m willing to take full responsibility for the dog (although my parents are a bit skeptical about that), but I do have a history of keeping my word. I’m pretty good with dogs (none of the ones i’ve interacted with have ever tried to bite me) and my neighbour’s cat that visits regularly. The only pets I’ve ever owned are mice (two females) and fish (freshwater) and I’m the one that cleans the tanks and changes their rubbish. I only go on holiday once a year (for a month) and my grandfather (who’s enthusiastic about my canine ownership) is willing to take care of the dog. I’m not planning to move out of the house for at least the next 10 years and I have a younger, teenager sister and a stable financial situation.
So… am I ready for a dog?

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