Intestinal Worms in Dogs – What Are They and How to Get Rid of Them

Intestinal worms in dogs – how to prevent and eradicate them

There are several different kinds of worms that your dog could be affected by. Most can be taken care of by a broad spectrum worming treatment, but some need treating separately. Below we will discuss the most common intestinal worms in dogs and how to handle them. Please note that heart-worms are a completely different canine disorder are are not to be confused with the more common worms. Heart-worms are fatal to dogs and must be treated by a veterinarian.

intestinal worms in dogs

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Although intestinal worms in dogs are common enough, left untreated they can cause serious health problems and even death. Also some species of canine worms can be passed on to humans, so be aware of that and wash your hands frequently if you suspect you dog may be infected with worms.

If you think your dog may have worms and are unsure how to treat them, take your dog to the vet together with a stool sample that your vet can examine. He or she can then advise of which medication or treatment you will need.

Worms in Dogs

There are many intestinal and non-intestinal worms that can infect dogs, including heartworms. Preventative care is key but we also describe the common signs of worms in dogs and ways to treat the problem in case your dog

So how do worms get passed on to humans? Believe it or not they can actually pass through the skin. So which ones should we worry about? This article explains…

Diseases You Can Get From Your Pets: Worms, Rabies, and More


These are intestinal parasites routinely found in dogs and cats, particularly kittens and puppies. The worms’ eggs or larvae are passed from pets through stool. You can pick them up through your skin from walking barefoot or playing outside.

The following video tells how to check if your dogs has worms and gives tips on de-worming.

Dog Health Care : Checking for Worms & Deworming Your Dog

Learn how to check for worms in your dog and how to de-worm your dog or puppy in this free video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health …

Finally some tips on preventing worms:

Keep your dog’s area as clean as possible. Wash blankets and bedding frequently
Watch what your dogs eats. Some foods promote worms, such as raw meat.
Keep your dog flea ree by using a recommended flea treatment.
Make sure you yard is free from rats and mice

This should prevent many infestations of intestinal worms in dogs, however make sure your dog is treated regularly for worms and other canine diseases.

Emergency Dog Care (Video)

Emergency dog care – when is it necessary?

It’s possible that during your dog’s life you may have the need for emergency dog care. This is a situation most dog owners hope they never have to face, but it pays to be prepared in case it happens.

A lot of new dog parents wonder how they will know when to access emergency dog care. Are vets available at night? Where is the nearest veterinary emergency center? Knowing the answers to these questions before an emergency happens may be the difference between life and death. So find the addresses and phone numbers now and put them near your phone.

Most dog emergencies will be fairly obvious. If your dog has suffered an accident and is bleeding a lot, that would be a reason to find a veterinarian and quickly! Other conditions which may need emergency dog care are breathing difficulties. Breathing difficulties could be due to several things. For example if it is very warm it is natural for a dog to pant to cool himself. However if your dog seems distressed and is having difficulty breathing, this could be signs of poisoning or other illness (see video below).

Abdominal pain could also need emergency dog care. If his back is arched and he is vomiting or shaking, then it may be a condition called “gastric torsion” which needs prompt veterinary attention.

Dog seizures will probably scare you enough to seek emergency dog care whatever the reason! Seizures can be due to epilepsy so your dog will need to see a vet in any case to determine the cause.

If you’re not sure whether emergency dog care is needed or not, it’s safer to call. If it’s a false alarm, so much the better and the vet is not going to be upset just because you showed you cared. When you’re an experienced dog owner, then you’ll be better able to tell if a situation is urgent or not. Something else worth mentioning, if your dog is involved in an accident, always seek emergency dog care even if he seems fine, as he may have internal injuries.

Learn how to tell if your dog has eaten rat poison and get tips on what to do in this free emergency pet health care video. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler
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