how to care for puppy

How Much Work Is It To Take Care Of A New Puppy/dog?

What do you have to do and how long does it take and how often do you have to do it?

A LOT of work… You have to groom it (brushing, baths, nail clipping, ear care, eye care, teeth brushing every night) You have to change it’s water at least once a day, I do it twice-three times a day. You have to evauluate different foods and spend hours looking through petstores to find the perfect food. You have to bring her to the vet for a checkup every year or so…You have to watch for any infections, fleas, ticks, multiple others too…

You have to pick up poo when ever it goes potty and then there is potty training and obedience…You have to crate train it and help your dog conquer fears of cars, people, weird phobias of glasses, mail boxes…You have to clean up accidents when she goes potty inside and you have to bring her out at night to go potty when it is snowing and 20 degrees out and watch her stare vacantly at you and and the second shhe is inside, she pees on your brand new rug…You have to remember to always be the alpha dog, and sometimes the hardest of all is to remember to scratch behind her ears when you come home because she waws waiting for you the whole day….

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it won’t be much work…If you don’t have the time, commitment, love, and the money to take care of a dog, get a different pet like a fish or a hamster.

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