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Homemade Dog Food Nutrition?

I am interested in making homemade dog food for my 3 year old chihuahua and my 12 week old malchi. I have found a few recipes, but I need more information on what nutritional guide to go by. Like how much meat and which vegetables and fruits to use and how much. I am not interested in the raw food diet since they include bones and being that my dogs are little and one is so young. Also with the raw diets, I hear there is risk of e. coli. I definitely want to cook mine. Also which vitamins or supplements are the best to add? Thank you!

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What Are Good Homemade Dog Food Recepies?

My dog is somewhere between 18-24lbs. a (big for his kind) silky terrier.
It would be good if you know some immune system boosting recepies.
Also you can just contribute knowledge about dog nutrition (ex. “dogs should eat __% meat __% wheat __%dairy dailly. ect.)

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Dog Nutrition Experts: Is This A Good Homemade Meal For My Dog?

Can you please review the following and tell me if this is a good meal for my dog?
45% protein (either ground sirloin or fresh boiled chicken)
45% veggie mix (canned sweet potato, frozen green peas, scrambled egg)
10% white rice
I then mix in a bit of chicken broth and 1 capsule Thorne Labs Gastriplex and 1 capsule Thorne Labs probiotic.
So far he is doing well, stomach wise, but want to make sure I am not missing any key nutrients.
Would I be better off just mixing the ground sirloin with a dry food (like Canidae) and not using the homemade veggie mix?

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