Heartgard Plus for dogs

Fleas and Heartworm Be Gone!

I recently came upon this site that sells cheap medications for my dog. Until now, I’ve bought all my medications directly from my vet, which meant that I had to make an appointment in order to get him preventative medicine for things like internal parasites and fleas. If only someone had told me before that I could simply order his prescriptions on the internet! I made another important breakthrough as well. For years I’ve been buying my dog both Heartgard Plus for dogs and flea medicine. These seemed to be the two that were absolutely necessary. But while browsing around this new site,   I found a product called Sentinel for dogs. Sentinel also treats heartworm, but it was notably more costly, so I looked at the product description on the site. Sentinel kills fleas as well as heartworm! My dog can take just one product and get rid of both problems. This was an epiphany to me.

This is going to save me both money and ado. Even though the price of Sentinel is twice that of Heartgard, the even higher cost of a medication like Frontline Plus makes it a true deal. Of course, I need to give heartworm preventatives to my dog during a portion of the year, so I’m not sure how this will affect when I give him the medicine. Can I stop it during the cold part of the year entirely, or does he still need some flea medicine during that time? It seems like fleas, too, are only a problem really in the warmer months. I’ll have to do more research on the topic, but overall I’m ecstatic. I wish someone had told me before about this two-in-one solution. It’ll also be nice not to have to spread the sticky flea medication on my dog’s neck anymore. He always hates it and throws a fit.

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