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Safeguarding Our Pets When We Try To Help Them

by Andre Hansen

We attempt to look after them and provide proper care for them. Occasionally when we do what we think is right, things can still go bad. Pets, just like humans, can have allergic reactions to drugs that we give to them.

You decide to use Frontline plus to protect your pet from fleas and ticks. Did you know that your pet could have a reaction to this medicine? Frontline plus side effects can include anything from skin irritation to neurological effects.

It is not suggested for puppies under eight weeks or kittens less than twelve weeks. One side effect can be skin irritation. Because Frontline is applied topically, the skin can become red and delicate. If the pet gets the solution on their paw, they can accidentally spread it to other parts of their body like their eyes. The pet can also scratch the area to the point of breaking the skin. This can cause a new problem because the medication can now travel to other parts of the body thru the blood vessels.

Your pet can also accidentally spread the medicine and then lick the area that has become contaminated. Ingestion may cause many issues for your pet. All of these things can end up in weight reduction. Your pet may experience an over the top building up of saliva. This can lead to more drooling than common.

Another effect can be reversible neurological and psychological problems. These Problems can include sensitivity to overstimulation. This can make your pet become more frightened and concerned. These are human feelings that we don’t typically associate with our pets; but emotions that they can feel just as much as we will be able to.

The long run Frontline and side-effects are not yet understood. Most of the effects are immediate or almost immediate. If you get the medicine on your skin when applying to your pet or when you’re petting your pet, wash the area right away with soapy water. You shouldn’t pet your pet without delay after the drugs is applied. You should wait for 24 hours. This decreases the chances of transferring the medicine to you.

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