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A Cool Dog Trick – Training The Dog The Right Way To Fetch Beer

Dog obedience training and dog tricks have to go hand-in-hand because tricks are helpful at helping your dog focus. The best part is, though, that they can be a ton of fun, too. If you would like to learn a powerful dog trick, then you should teach your dog the proper way to fetch beer. Here is how.

First, ensure you get some doggy treats ready to reward your dog with afterwards. Then, place a few lager bottles into foam holders, hold one in your hand, say “fetch beer” and try and inspire your dog to take it. He may not understand you at first, but when he a little opens his mouth to touch the bottle, reward him with a treat and say “good boy”. If you do this enough times, he can soon understand what he should do.

After that, put the lager bottle down, tap the bottle and say “fetch beer” again. Keep claiming it and lifting the bottle a little bit, so that he knows what you want. Each time he takes the bottle, give him a treat. Once your dogs picks the bottle up each time you are saying the command, you can move on by placing the bottle in different places and testing if he’ll fetch it for you.

Now, this dog trick is surely cool, but you will have to show patience when teaching it to your dog. It is reasonably advanced of course , so it may take a bit to teach. Ideally, you need to use inexpensive lager in the coaching stage as your dog might drop it 2 times before getting a handle on it.

Remember: dog tricks should be part of your canine obedience training, but it also should be about you and your dog enjoying each other’s company together. So , like this bonding experience and grow a more robust bond with your dog as time passes. Enjoy!

Jean Cote is a keen automobile enthusiast and has been enjoying dog training for years now, so you are definite to find something of interest on his dog blog.