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Can A Dog Catch A Human Cold?

I’ve had a really bad cold for two days and my 4month old puppy hasn’t left my side (bless him) even sleeping on the sofa with me during the day.
Just wondered if dogs can catch human illnesses like colds…

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Can Owning a Dog Improve Your Health?

Although we’re all about improving the health of our dog, It’s been revealed that dogs can improve human health too by simply, well… being a dog! So can owning a dog really improve our health?


Absolutely it can. Although most of us are aware of this, it’s not quite clear how this happens. However there’s a huge amount of statistical evidence that says people who own pets enjoy better health.


So apart from the great companionship they provide, owning a dog (or any pet in fact) can do the following for us:


Lower our blood pressure
Lower our cholesterol levels
Lower our triglyceride levels and…
Put an end to any feelings of loneliness.


All in all we’re getting a pretty good deal out of this relationship, but that’s not all because owning a pet can also reduce our risk of heart disease and improve our rate of survival after a heart attack. Elderly people in nursing homes with exposure to pets experience better physical and mental health according to research. A compelling reason indeed to allow nursing home residents to keep their pets.


Also a great reason for all of us to own a dog! What do you think?

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Have You Ever Had A Dog Predict An Oncoming Illness…?

This is actually a serious Q…..
I have read about this happening to people with their dogs sensing a problem (seizure or diabetics) but this had never happened to me before….
Last fall we adopted a puppy from the shelter just a cute little mixed breed…and he “acts” differently when my blood sugar spikes — I am a diabetic….In fact my husband is the one who noticed it….Dingo gets (for lack of a better word) upset…and every time he has done it my blood sugar is over 400….
I am just curious how many people have had an experience such as this….
BTW…I love my puppy!

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I Was Ill The Other Day And My Dog Was Being Overly Affectionate Can Dogs Sense When A Human Has A Illness?

Yes, they can.

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