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Dog Steps – A Good Way To Help Your Dog Travel

Pet steps are extremely useful when a dog is constantly going up or down on something. The steps are just like our own in the sense that they provide us to go up and downstairs. The steps eliminate dogs having to over exert themselves by jumping off of things that may seem too high or to dangerous to make it down from.

The dog steps were first made to help adult dogs that suffer from bad backs, or hip malformations. Now, the dog steps have become so popular that people are beginning to purchase them for animals of all ages. The dog steps are now being used as a prevention mechanism to stop anything from hurting the dog. Constant jumping up and down is bad for dog’s backs and can cause them to lose feeling in their backs at a very young age. These steps are a god-send to animal lovers who want their animals to be comfortable wherever they may be.

The steps come in a range of different styles and sizes. You can get steep steps, which allow the dog to almost have to slide down them when they are jumping down. There are also, heavy duty steps which are good wherever you keep them. Regardless of what type of dog step you decide to purchase, make sure that it is the best choice for your particular breed of dog.

With everything good, there is always a downside. These steps are known to cost a pretty decent penny. Your basic dog steps can cost anywhere around $150.00-$200.00 depending of course upon where you purchase them. If you simply do not have the funds to purchase the step and your good with your hands. One thing you may consider is making the steps for your good pet. To make the steps the materials would end up running you around $35.00 which is a lot cheaper and more heartfelt then just simply buying the steps.

So, you have decided to build your own dog steps. That is a great alternative! Not only does making your steps save you money but it allows you to put more pride in what you’re doing for your best friend. You’re going to need someone who is a well renowned carpenter to help you. Make sure you pick up about 3 2×4 pieces of wood, some cushion to line on the stairs and some carpet or material to cover over everything. The best part is the material; these are going to be your dog’s best friend so get creative if you want to. Remember a dog is like your child you want them to be happy to receive the gift.

Make sure that you let any small children know that the dog stairs are not a toy for them. They are for the dog to use to climb so they don’t hurt themselves. Remember the stairs are made from wood and could injure a little child. So, please keep an eye on your children when you have dog stairs in the home.

Some dogs may need to be trained to use the pet stairs. So don’t get frustrated if your little bundle of energy does not want to use their beautiful stairs. It’s something that is bran new you need to show them the stairs are fine and have them go up and down them with you. The best way to do this is to use an action figure or a piece of food and have the dog chase the food back and forth at least 2 times and repeat throughout the day.

Dog transportation are an awesome thing to have. It prevents any late night vet visits and ensures your dogs safety. The stairs are a must have for any animal lover!

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