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The Facts About Dog Teeth Cleaning May Surprise You!

Dog teeth cleaning – an important part of canine health

Dog teeth cleaning may not be high on you list of favorite pastimes, but it’s one chore that can save you a lot of money in the future if you learn to do it properly.

Many dog owners think that the popular dog teeth cleaning chews on the market can do a good enough job. Although these do help a little, the can’t be substituted for a proper teeth cleaning session. They are the equivalent of a human eating an apple to clean their teeth; it can be ok for a substitute clean when a toothbrush is not available, but for a proper clean, a toothbush has to be used. The same apples to your dog.

The latest report from the American Animal Hospital Association shows that over three quarters of all adult dogs suffer from various dental diseases, not to mention “doggy breath“. This surprising report states that dog teeth cleaning is one of the practices considered least important in maintaining a dog’s health. However this is not the case.

We usually visit our dentist once every 6 or 12 months but our dog’s teeth might be left untreated or cleaned for years. Many of us still believe that our dogs can clean their own teeth and as long as our dogs have no eating problems then they are OK. The true fact is that dogs cannot clean their own teeth.

Full dog teeth cleaning needs to be performed by a veterinarian but several cleaning procedures to decrease the risk of dog dental diseases can be performed at home. To start the cleaning process, you need to bring your dog to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will anesthetize your dog, examine your dog’s mouth, and clean the teeth thoroughly. If there are dental diseases that need to be treated, a treatment plan will be given. Teeth removal might need to be performed in some conditions. After the cleaning process, you will be given follow-up date and instructions to perform cleaning procedures at home.

A dog teeth cleaning generally costs between $80 and $400, it depends on type of pre-anesthetic blood-work, the amount of build up on the gum and teeth, the presence of dental disease, and difficulty of the job. Since you need to perform cleaning procedures at home, you need to buy dog toothpaste that costs around $30 to $60 per year.Your vet might recommend you to use some other cleaning kits that might cost you around $25 to $100+. The prices of the kits highly depend on the brand name. As a conclusion, if you love your dog and want your dog to stay healthy, make sure he has proper dog teeth cleaning on a regular basis.

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