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Dog Health Insurance Cost – What Is Covered and What Is Not

Dog Health Insurance, Cost is Not the Only Consideration

As dog owners, we can’t just let our furry friends go through life with an unsecured future. Nowadays the dog health insurance cost is certainly worth it for the following reasons. It is the easiest way to get the money to pay for veterinary bills, just in case your dog suffers an illness and needs to have prolonged and continued treatment. It is also very helpful in the case of unexpected vet visits. Dog health insurance pays for 80% or 90% of your pet’s vet bills, so it makes good financial sense to take out dog health insurance.

How much does dog health insurance cost?

Dog health insurance costs an average of $30 per month. But there is variation in the premium according to the breed and age of your dog and the time period of the coverage that you choose. As you would expect, dog health insurance cost is higher for older, sicker pets, especially on those policies that cover preventive care, like vaccines and visits to the health insurance cost

Some pet health insurance providers have insurance packages that cost as much as $76.70 per month, but with a deductible of only $100. This covers up to 80% of the costs for illnesses and accidents, sterilizing and castrating as well as essential preventive care measures such as vaccine for rabies, free dog tag for lost pet recovery, yearly physical examinations and dental care.

There is also coverage provided for chronic and long-term conditions, like illnesses that might have occurred in previous years, that is covered by the insurance. Some pet health providers bundle dog health insurance cost with other services or go the opposite way to try to make premiums lower for the more stable and healthier dogs. For instance, one provider actually has a policy that just costs under $10 a month, but with a higher deductible at $200. It covers 80% of accidents but no illness coverage.

Other enterprising pet health insurance providers will reimburse 80% of veterinary visits, whether it’s because of accidents or illnesses or injuries. Dog health insurance cost varies. It is in your interest to shop around and get the best quotes. Remember, factors like age of dog and breed, as well as overall general health will affect premiums. But there’s no better time to avail of health insurance for your dog than now!

We are not attempting to recommend any specific providers in this article, but simply pointing out what this type of insurance covers. Another point is that when it comes to dog health insurance, cost is not the only consideration.