dog grooming school

Dog Grooming School

What can you expect from a dog grooming school?

What will you learn at a dog grooming school? You will learn why it is important to groom a dog. Grooming is one of a dog’s basic needs. This comprises bathing, brushing and in some breeds, clipping as well.

Dog grooming school will also teach you the equipment that is needed to groom a dog. Basic equipment includes a Curry Brush which is usually made of plastic or rubber with short teeth. This is designed to get rid of dirt and dead skin from the dog’s coat.

A Shedding Blade will also help to rid the dog’s coat of excess hair and is used for dogs with thick or rough coats, it is not a cutting tool. Then of course there are scissors and clippers to trim the coat. Only long haired breeds need to have their coats trimmed regularly.

There will continue to be more demand for dog grooming as busy dog owners can’t find the time to do it themselves. Being a student at a dog grooming school can set you up for life if you are interested in this line of work. Of course it goes without saying that you you have to love dogs!

If you can’t find a dog groomimg school near you, you can even enrol for distance training.

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