dog behavioral problems

Dog Behavioral Problems, Who’s Fault Is It Really?

Can dog behavioral problems be easily fixed?

Dog behavioral problems can range from annoying to downright dangerous. When a dog misbehaves on a regular basis, it’s either because he lacks leadership, or he’s just not been trained properly. Both these can be fixed, but the older your dog, the longer it may take, as the habits have become firmly entrenched.

Most dogs typically misbehave because of the lack training from their owners. A poorly trained or aggressive dog can not only embarrass his owner and annoy everyone else, it can sometimes make them feel threatened.

There are many dog behavioral problems. Among these are excessive barking, chewing, digging, jumping up, chasing and, probably the worst, biting. A lot of these behaviors develop from puppy-hood. Jumping up is a typical behavior of puppies to get their mother’s attention to be fed. Chewing is also a common puppy behavior which develops when the puppy is teething.

Biting is a habit that can be due to excitement or if your dog perceives a threat. If your dog thinks he (or his owner) is in some sort of danger he will growl and perhaps bite the offending person or animal. Dogs can sometimes bite without intending to. Because they have no hands, everything has to be manipulated with their mouths. If the dog is not showing any aggression, there was probably no intent to harm.

Chasing, either bicycles, cars or anything that moves! is a dangerous habit, both for the vehicle owner and the dog himself. A cyclist, especially a child, could be frightened by being chased by dog. A car driver may swerve and have an accident, or the dog himself may be run over. Never leave your dog to wander on the road. It is actually against the law in certain countries. Keep your dog on a leash when walking him and check him firmly if he attempts to chase. He will soon get the message.

So what’s the biggest cause of dog behavioral problems and how to fix them fast?

Lack of Leadership – Dogs need a leader, they need someone to give them orders. If you don’t do it, your dog will assume the role of leader. Show him that you are “number one dog”! You will find most aggressive and destructive behaviors will cease when you take on the role of the alpha leader!

Some dog trainers believe that at least some behavior problems are related to the dog’s health in some way. This is especially the case if his behavior changes suddenly. It could be that your dog could be misbehaving because he is suffering discomfort. Have him checked out by a vet in this case.

Positive Reinforcement works better than any other method and certainly better than the old choke chains. Positive reinforcement uses rewards to encourage good behavior in your dog. He will soon learn to associate good behavior with the reward.

A lot of dog behavioral problems stem from owners rewarding cute puppy behavior such as jumping up on people. When the dog is fully grown the same owners will wonder why their dog has this annoying habit! You have to start behavior training when your dog is a young puppy. Pick them up and make a fuss of them when they do the right thing.

Another tip for your immediate family members. It’s easy to confuse your dog if different people give him different commands. It’s best if you, as the owner take over the training of your dog and make sure every else is consistent when handling him. You’ll find your dog behavioral problems will improve significantly.