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Water Beds As Pet Beds: Are They Good?

If someone suggests looking at water beds for dogs when you’re contemplating pet beds, you might reasonably wonder what planet they’re living on. But they’re going to have the last laugh, because there are indeed websites and manufacturers of dog supplies who make doggie versions of water beds. While it’s true that some might buy these for the novelty, there are actually good health reasons to provide this kind of bed for some dogs.

If you fill up these doggie beds properly, providing the right amount of firmness along with a bit of give, water beds for dogs can do much the same things as memory foam beds, meaning they give consistent support beneath the dog’s whole body, curving themselves to match the dog’s shape. This type of dog bed furniture can ease pain in joints or muscles, and it would help with a condition like hip dysplasia, which degrades hip joints and weakens leg muscles, particularly in larger dogs. And unlike stuffed beds and even some foam, a water bed will never end up with a “sag” in the middle.

Water beds as pet beds share another feature with those made from memory foam, and may even improve on it somewhat. What is frequently needed by some older dogs, and those with arthritis or other joint problems, is extra warmth. Memory foam is known to help provide that, but with a large dog bed that has a heater to determine the water temperature, that warmth can be more precisely controlled. This means the dog is kept warmer when the weather is cooler, but can also prevent overheating during very hot spells.

Humans may not use water beds so much any more, but as pet beds they may still be very useful. For one thing, with a thick cover to prevent such a bed from being popped by claws, it would actually last longer than many other types of beds. It wouldn’t develop worn spots, nor would it sag as the stuffing thins out. And as an orthopedic dog bed, with the heating and even support provided by the water, it could be just what an arthritic or older dog needs.

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