dog appetite

My Dog Has Idiopathic Vestibular Syndrome And Has No Appetite. How Can I Get Her To Eat?

She is 15 y and has had this illness for more than two weeks now, and although she is steadier on her feet, she is very weak and refuses to eat. I am feeding her by hand and we have tried dog food, cat food, baby food, chicken, liver, raw food, treats. She will pick a few morsels for a while and then totally refuses to eat.

9 Year Old Female Dog (?) Always Hungry And Thirsty,any Cure?

My spaniel has developed a great hunger and thirst recently,she has been to the Vet, no kidney problems,in good health and very active still, suffers from “leakage” also,any ideas on how to control these symptoms with natural products? I am reluctant to try a lot of pills that may be prescribed and not work.

My Older Dog Lost Her Appetite Due To Illness. When She Refuses Food So Does My Healthy Dog. Unusual? Help?

Healthy dog is confused. Separate them for feeding time. Feed the old dog where she’s used to. Feed healthy dog someplace else. Talk to healthy dog & tell him why. Stay with him & sweetly urge him to eat.