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Dog Allergy Medication – Which Ones are Best?

Dog allergy medication demystified

Nobody wants to see their beloved dog being in a state of discomfort, and this is why we need up to date information on dog allergy medication. Us dog owners don’t like to see their animals scratching themselves raw when there’s simple things we can do to help.

Itching caused by canine allergies varies from a mild feeling of discomfort to an agonizing burning itch.  Excessive scratching causes irritation and possible hot spots which can easily become infected. Before we can treat or prevent the itch, we need to find out what’s causing it. There are many potential causes – these could be insects, your dog’s food or plant allergens. All these will require some type of dog allergy medication.

A lot of people, especially those with large dogs, prefer to keep their animals out of doors most of the day. There is more potential for allergic attack if a dog is outside. Such things as grass and plant spores and insects lurk outside and if you have an allergic dog, inside may be a safer place for him.

When washing your dog, don’t use a human shampoo, it will probably have some type of perfume or other ingredient that might irritate your dog’s skin. Also a dog’s skin has a different PH level. The same goes for any grooming product. Only use those especially formulated for dogs.

Prevention can go a long way but sometimes you’ll need to resort to dog allergy medication. If your dog seems distressed in any way, you’ll need to take him to the vet to rule out any serious disorder. This may also be necessary if your dog is biting or scratching endlessly as it could cause skin lesions and possible infections.

You can purchase over the counter medications for dog allergies including  Benadryl, Tavist and Claritin which are basically antihistamines to combat itching. Don’t give your dog any medication that contains a decongestant. These can be fatal.

Natural dog allergy medication can be very effective and consist of oral or topical medication. Improving your dog’s diet and supplementing with Omega 3 can also bring welcome relief.

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Dog Has Bad Skin Allergies?

My dog has developed bad skin allergies. I had him on Natural Choice Lamb and Rice. I’ve had every dog I’ve owned for the past 13 years on this food and have never had an issue. He isn’t over or underbathed. I add Brewers Yeast to his diet. Took him to vet, vet gave him cortisone (which anytime I’ve ever had a pet with skin issues regardless of the vet they seem to think steroids are the cure all) it helped but skin issues came back. So the vet told me to change his food. I’ve changed it three times now to what the vet has suggested. My dog still has skin problems and the vet still wants to do the cortisone shots. Should I start cooking for my dog? Don’t tell me to find another vet I’ve already gone thru 7 in my town and they all seem to be stuck on cortisone and changing his food. I don’t want my dog injected monthly with steroids. Should I just start cooking a basic chicken/rice/veggie diet for him and add whatever supplements he needs myself? He is perfectly healthy in ever other respect. I just want honest answers and input. For those that want to answer with dogs eating human food isn’t good for them, spare me. If its good enough for me to eat for my entire life and our food goes thru much stricter processing rules its good enough for my dogs. Any info anyone has that feeds their dogs from food they make would be greatly appreciated.

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My Dogs Are Itchy, Are There Any Alternatives Besides The Usual Medicine.?

im looking for alternative possibly natural ways besides the usual medicine where possible to help my dogs.i have taken my pets to the vet and i explained everything to then, how my dogs have been behaving and everything and tests and everything came out negative i guess. the papers say everything is normal and i paid $350.00 for them to tell me everything is normal. Things are far from normal, theyre still itchy, its actually gotten worse and now my dogs have scabs and patches of no hair.
i dont know if this is coinsidence but i have bumps all over my body im so itchy too and i dont know if its cuz im allergic to them but it seems we have the same thing. my dogs also have red bumps but the vets said it was nothing.
first it was the ear that was irritating them and now its everything. my dogs slide their face against the floor and sort of make a crying sound when they itch. does anyone know any natural way of helping and curing them.

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