Please Describe Your Experience With Have A Dog Cured Of Distemper.?

Has anyone had a dog cured of distemper? I have read that Dr. Alson Sears (California) has cured several dogs. A vet that I go to in Plano, Texas (Dr. Alan Ward,) says he has a natural cure for distemper.
In the recent past, I took a pup with distemper to a vet who didn’t know how to cure him. I did a lot of reading and found out that round worms cause distemper. This was an eight week old pup found in the woods during severe weather (snow and 20 degrees.) He survived hypothermia but his mate did not. The vet I went to did not treat him for worms since giving poison to a sick dog (runny nose) was not logical. However, had I known that he was almost blocked with roundworms I would have insisted on some sort of worm treatment. When he began having seizures two weeks later, on the eve before he died, I gave him ionic colloidal silver (not protein silver) squirted into his mouth with a dropper, and his seizures practically stopped. I continued doing this throughout the night every couple hours. However, I was a day to late to save him. Wish I had given the CS in the weeks before. By the time I discovered Dr. Sears or Dr. Ward, the pup has passed away. I would love to hear what others have experienced as far as a cure! I need to know the whole treatment including treatment for parasites, treatment ingredients for the distemper itself as well as supportive treatment with herbs, vitamin C, etc.

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