choosing a dog

Choosing a Puppy

Selecting the right canine for your household is terribly important.  Will the dog get along with youngsters?  Will the dog get together with alternative animals within the household?  Does the dog have a smart disposition?  These are a number of the queries you would possibly ask when deciding how much dog you want.

Are you trying for a purebred or mixed breed or simply a plan old mutt?  Mixed breeds can be more cheap, whereas purebred will be quite expensive.  Do not dismiss the mutt possibility either from the local pound.  Mutts will be simply as lovable, energetic, and dependable as the other breeds.

Size matters.  Assume concerning how big or tiny the dog is that you just want.  Do you have room for the pup to run and play or can it be cooped up because you don’t go outside a lot.  If thus, do you have a space where the pup will run free?

Temperament for a puppy develops around seven weeks of age.  Spend a little time picking and choosing your dog, and you both can reap the rewards.  Build sure you’ll hold the puppy and cuddle him.  Drop a book throughout a quiet moment and see if the pup runs and hides.  Get on your hands and knees and play with the puppy to see if he responds in kind or is aggressive toward you.

There are many places to start your search.  Asking friends or your vet are good places to start.  Conjointly, you can contact your native shelter or ASPCA for their selection of animals.

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Consider a Mutt when Adopting a Dog

All too often, wanna be dog owners searching for an ideal dog breed tend to overlook the most obvious choice – the mutt. With all the hype centered around various dog breeds and their possible genetic issues, many people do not even bother visiting their local animal shelter to check out the exceptional mixed breeds that are found in these places. Mutts like many types of dogs, are generally easy to groom if using the right dog cleaning supplies. Genetically speaking, mutts are less predisposed to the kinds of congenital health problems that affect purebred dogs, such as hip dysplasia in Labrador retrievers and breathing problems in pugs.

With a robust genetic stock due to their mixed origins, mutts tend to live longer, healthier lives than many pure breeds. Additionally, purebreds tend to suffer behavioral quirks that mutts don’t seem to often exhibit. While environment and training absolutely have an effect on these traits, mutts are generally well-adjusted, even tempered dogs, and make excellent family pets. Many even like to travel, or course you should use a dog car seat belt if traveling. Mutts offer a variety of characteristics than are simply not found in purebreeds. A dog the size of a Yorky with the temperament of a Saint Bernard, or the size of a Great Dane with the boundless energy of a Jack Russell, for instance.

Aside from the cost factor (shelter dogs are much cheaper than buying from a breeder), taking a dog from a shelter is oftentimes saving its life. Mutts tend to cost less, medically, than purebreeds do in the long run. As with almost every dog, mutts make excellent companions and if treated with love and care will respond with the same for a lifetime. If you are considering purchasing a dog, before contacting a breeder, consider first going to your local animal shelter and meeting one of the many fine mixed breed dogs just waiting for a home.

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