caring for a puppy

Caring for a Puppy? Make it Fun!

Caring for a puppy is not difficult, but it can have it’s frustrating moments, especially where toilet training is concerned. A little care and effort when your dog is still a puppy will ensure a healthy, well adjusted dog for life. Here are some tips on puppy health care to help navigate those first few months.

The most important aspect of caring for a puppy is puppy food. This should be especially formulated for puppies and preferably be a vet recommended brand. Always buy the best puppy food you can afford, because your little dog is growing and developing very fast during this time of life and needs all the protein he can get. Some vets recommend three meals a day, but some owners prefer just to keep a supply of food available at any time of the day. Always provide a supply of clean water too.caring for a puppy

Most dogs prefer canned food to dry dog food, but if you start your pup off on a good dry formula right from the start, he will be perfectly happy with dry food for the rest of his life. Of course you can add some fresh food to his diet as he grows for variety and to prevent boredom, but a good dry dog food will contain all the nutritional value your dog needs.

Checking with your vet about necessary vaccinations is an important part of caring for a puppy and will protect your dog against several nasty canine diseases including canine influenza, parvovirus and distemper. Make sure you keep a record of the dates when these vaccinations are due. Ongoing treatment is needed for worms and heart-worm in particular. The same is the case for fleas and, depending on where you live, ticks as well.

Caring for a puppy needs a safe and clean environment

Your puppy’s bedding and surroundings should be clean and dry. Although there is no need to go over the top when it comes to hygiene, basic cleanliness is necessary. Over-cleaning and constantly disinfecting your puppy’s environment could lead to weakened immune system development. Make sure that there are no small sharp object that puppy could swallow that could lodge in his intestinal tract. That is far more important when caring for a puppy than a little bit of dirt.

Provide plenty of safe chew toys. This will keep puppy happy and away from your furniture and shoes!There are plenty of rawhide toys which will give hours of amusement and help you puppy when he is teething. Keep real bones for when your dog is older, they can splinter and cause injury.

Puppy potty training comes easier to some dogs (and some owners!) than others. Depending on your puppy, lots of patience may be required! Try not to scold your puppy when he leaves a little mistake in the wrong pace, but reward him when he gets it right. Food treats work well, as well as lots of praise.

Don’t forget to have some fun! Take some time to play with your puppy. They love to chase things, play with a ball and even play hide and seek. This is a good stress buster for both of you and will help you bond with your dog. Caring for a puppy and watching them grow is a rewarding experience, enjoy it while you can!

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