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Would Feeding A RAW Meat Diet Be Right For You

I feed my Bullmastiff Breeder a balanced diet of human grade meats and vegetables. I alternate the ingredients from week to week for variety. The following is a list of some of the foods they eat.

* Whole organic Chicken including bones.
* Beef muscle meat, liver, heart and tripe.
* Venison
* Whole eggs including shell (boiled for 1 min.)
* Beef meat bones.
* Farm raised rabit
* Whole Turkey
* Sardines in olive oil
* Carrots
* Cucumbers
* Beans
* Peppers
* Cauliflower
* Avocados
* Squash
* Apples
* Bananas

Just to name a few.
How do you know how much to feed your Bullmastiff is a question I am often asked. It really depends on the weight of your Bullmastiff. Most people recommend 2-5% of their body weight. Just make sure you know your dog’s weight before starting, and then watch their weight and adjust depending if they gain/lose/maintain.

In a recent Oprah segment, Oprah interviewed Dr. Marty Goldstein, an expert on holistic pet medicine and the veterinarian caring for her dog , who is suffering from kidney failure. During the interview they discussed the importance and benefits of feeding pets a well balanced and nutrient rich diet. Most people, however, feed their dogs and cats diets that go against their animal nature. In fact, a dog or cat that only eats dry food (such as kibble) is easily comparable to a person who eats nothing but carbohydrates. In Dr. Marty’s professional opinion, the best thing for either a dog or cat to eat is raw meat.
Manufacturers of modern processed pet foods and their allies will tell you that raw diets may not be safe and lack scientific testing. But you only have to look at the brilliant health of many BARF-fed pets to make up your own minds. Such pets will not have food-related skin diseases, poor dental health, large volumes of foul-smelling stool, frequent bouts of diarrhea, digestive issues, bone and skeletal problems. If you choose to feed your dog a commercial based food, it is very important to choose a high quality food. You want to make sure that a good quality protein source such as lamb meal, chicken meal, or turkey meal as the number one ingredient. You want to stay away from kibble that list a grain as the number one ingredient or contain lots of byproducts and preservatives. If you decide to try this diet it is highly recommended that you purchase several books on raw diets, join several groups that work closely with someone else who is a raw food feeder. Many of the foods or supplements need to be used in conjunction with each other to ensure proper utilization and the health of your dog. It does not make you a bad Bullmastiff kennel if you choose to feed either kibble or RAW. RAW is just what I choose to feed.

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