Whats The Difference Between Adult Dog Food And Puppy Food Besides Size?

My brother accidentally bought my 6 month old pitbull adult dog food (beneful) and my mom is making a big deal about it saying that he shouldn’t have it cuz it doesnt have as many of the nutrients that puppy food has but then i asked myself “why would they deprive adult dogs of the nutrition?” and we don’t wanna waste the food either cuz its expensive, so if we give it 2 him will it really do anything bad?

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How Can People Be So Ignorant About Dogs And Dog Health And Nutrition?

Okay so my parents stop by the other night and we tell them about our dogs new food….California naturals…
And they looked at us and asked “Oh your not feeding beneful…we told you to try beneful”
And I replied beneful is not a good food, especially for one that has had the problems that one of ours has
And we explained by getting the better quality food that you pay more upfront but in the long run it costs less because they eat less of it because its more filling
And they were like your dogs are getting the amount of food they need and were like no they are its healthy more filling food.
And we weren’t trying to sell them on it or anything but they are like well our dog is very picky and will only eat beneful she even picks out the colors she doesn’t like….
I’m like thats great but this is what we do
Now my parents think they are well to do and maybe they have a huge house and a status symbol dog…as in a bred down designer poodle….Tiny toy poodle and this dog has had problems..
And they were telling us that she was at the vet for some reason or another and the vet told them her liver levels were high and that she recommends running some tests on her and they told us that since they weren’t that high they were just going to put it off for awhile and they think she will get better….
How naieve can you be?
Ofcourse these are also the people who think my one dog is sickly because he has allergies and doesn’t want anything to do with our other dog because she is “A Big Dog” (yeah a 20 pound big scary dog) and a mutt
I love that dog and I want to tell them to wake up and and realize that what they are doing isn’t best for this dog…after all she was mine at one point when I lived at home…and tell them how to take care of her (I was the primary care giver of the dogs growing up..they just paid for everything) They don’t know what they are doing and I hesitate to say it but maybe they do just consider her an accesory or status symbol but I just wish they would listen
Anybody know where I’m coming from…I just feel for the dog and get so upset trying to explain why we do what we do…
Sometimes they ask for advice but when we give it they shoot it down…
Can I get some support and advice on this…I guess I just need to step back and realize she isn’t my dog anymore

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