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Water Beds As Pet Beds: Are They Good?

If someone suggests looking at water beds for dogs when you’re contemplating pet beds, you might reasonably wonder what planet they’re living on. But they’re going to have the last laugh, because there are indeed websites and manufacturers of dog supplies who make doggie versions of water beds. While it’s true that some might buy these for the novelty, there are actually good health reasons to provide this kind of bed for some dogs.

If you fill up these doggie beds properly, providing the right amount of firmness along with a bit of give, water beds for dogs can do much the same things as memory foam beds, meaning they give consistent support beneath the dog’s whole body, curving themselves to match the dog’s shape. This type of dog bed furniture can ease pain in joints or muscles, and it would help with a condition like hip dysplasia, which degrades hip joints and weakens leg muscles, particularly in larger dogs. And unlike stuffed beds and even some foam, a water bed will never end up with a “sag” in the middle.

Water beds as pet beds share another feature with those made from memory foam, and may even improve on it somewhat. What is frequently needed by some older dogs, and those with arthritis or other joint problems, is extra warmth. Memory foam is known to help provide that, but with a large dog bed that has a heater to determine the water temperature, that warmth can be more precisely controlled. This means the dog is kept warmer when the weather is cooler, but can also prevent overheating during very hot spells.

Humans may not use water beds so much any more, but as pet beds they may still be very useful. For one thing, with a thick cover to prevent such a bed from being popped by claws, it would actually last longer than many other types of beds. It wouldn’t develop worn spots, nor would it sag as the stuffing thins out. And as an orthopedic dog bed, with the heating and even support provided by the water, it could be just what an arthritic or older dog needs.

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Choosing A plush dog bed

Choosing a plush dog beds is important as your dog is generally viewed as one of the family. You wouldn’t make your son of daughter sleep on an uncomfortable bed and neither would you want that for your dog. All dogs have different sleep patterns and most dogs will actually sleep for about half of their lives. Larger dogs can even sleep up to 16 hours a day.

The size of your dog will dictate the size of bed to purchase. Dogs do not like too much room as they like to feel secure, so the bed should envelope them without being too small. Dog beds that have sidewalls or are curved tend to make a dog feel very safe and secure. If you have a large dog then you need to make sure the bed is sturdy or the dog will break the bed when it gets up.

Older dogs will need a different type of bed from a younger dog. Older dogs can be quite stiff and have arthritis. There are heated beds designed to sooth aching joints as well as orthopedic beds that make it easy for your dog to get in and out. On the other side your puppy may have difficulty getting into a bed that has very high walls.

comfortable dog bed are designed to fill specific spaces and you can purchase a compact bed if you so desire. Make sure you have an idea of where you want to put the dog bed, measurement help when shopping. There are other types of dog beds that may require their own rooms as some very expensive dog beds are designed as a real bed and have a headboard and cushion. You need to buy a dog bed that will fit the desired area otherwise you may be making an additional trip back to the store.

comfortable dog bed also come in a variety of prices and each style of bed should have different price options. If you have a budget then you should stick too it. As long as the bed is comfortable your dog will be happy and will not care how much you spent on the dog bed. There are dog beds in every price point so do not feel you have to buy a very expensive bed.

If you have a very active dog that likes to run around outside for most of the day then purchasing a bed with a removable cover is a good idea. Your dog will probably get dirty frequently and in turn get his or her bed dirty. A removable cover makes it easy to wash the bed.

A few benefits to purchasing a comfortable dog bed include providing insulation for your dog during the summer and winter months, controlling the spread of dirt, hair and dander, cushioning their joints and bone and providing a private space where your dog can feel safe and secure.

A popular dog bed is the dog nest that will conform to your dogs shape. This bed is similar to a beanbag chair and comes in many different sizes. Almost all dogs like this bed and there are even rectangular versions for dogs that like to spread out.

Unique Dog Beds – Will Thrill Your Pet And See Them Smile

If anyone actually does believe they can stop their dog from sleeping on the sofa by buying unique dog beds then so be it. I personally can’t get mine to sleep anywhere other than under the covers with me in my king sized, pocketed coil, $2 000 bed. Fortunately she doesn’t smell (to me anyway) and she is small. We tried to get her to sleep in a pink Paris Hilton dog bag, but I don’t think she liked the color very much! The Unusual Beds For Dogs may be just what you’re looking for.

Although it is not a done deal that you will get your sofa or bad back all to yourself again if you buy your pet their own bed. You won’t know unless you actually try. At least you will know that your dog has a comfortable, warm and suitable place to sleep when you decide to start locking him or her out of your bedroom at night.

Obviously both the size and shape of the dog and the bed have to be measured and taken into consideration. Just bear in mind that dogs sleep in various positions, either curled or stretched and the bed has to accommodate both of these positions.

The material in which the bed is made must also be considered. Dogs are as sensitive to skin irritations, if not more so than humans. A natural fiber which is comfortable on the skin is the best option. Dogs are also sensitive to both heat and cold and the material the bed is made of should cater for this. Dogs also like to get dirty and don’t like wiping their feet before they climb into bed, so the fabric should be easy to clean.

Before a dog settles down to sleep, they have a tendency to turn around a half-dozen times before they settle. It is for this reason that up until recent times, dog beds or baskets have been circular. If you choose an angular design, they may not be able to exercise this natural instinct and perhaps won’t settle down. This instinct dates back to when dogs were wild or lived outside; they would trample the grass round them to get comfortable before they went to sleep.

Unique dog beds and accessories are part of an ever growing trend. This trend could prove useful in claiming back your sofa for yourself. A dog likes nothing better than plonking itself down in your lap for a cuddle, but it can get tiresome after a while, especially if your legs go to sleep and make you unable to stand.

Designer dog clothes are available for all breeds and we find many of them being dressed up for auspicious occasions such as Halloween. Why should kids have all the fun, why not pet owners too? Although I don’t quite know how the pets feel about this!

Always ensure that the dog bed you purchase is going to be safe for the animal in question. Puppies and young dogs can be very destructive. Tearing out the stuffing from their bed and swallowing it as though it were candy floss, will more than likely necessitate a trip to the vet. Pet Dog Beds are the Dogs Accessories you should buy your beloved pet.

Todays Look At Dog Beds

Dogs sleep about 14 hours a day, so buying a comfy dog bed is vital . Gone are the days when you were just basically buying a lump of pillow.  Does your dog love to curl up, or is he or she  more of a sprawler?Deep beds, bolster or high walls will make them feel cozy and warm while the good old-fashioned mattresses, pads or mats give them a generous amount of room. One should take into consideration age, size, durability of the dog bed, and a pets sleeping habits when making a choice. Also there are numerous different types of beds, and one variety of dog bed may be more fitting to your pet than other styles. Your pets rest is important in order for him or her to lead a happy and active life.

With a puppy, naturally one looks for something the puppy will grow into. Being able to wash the dog bed is also key since puppies are accident-prone. Generally, a small puppy doesn’t require a great deal of cushioning, since his or her weight won’t weight down the pet bed. The bed should also be  simple to get in and out of, so if there is a step into the dog bed, as in the round type, it should be minimal.

There are many diverse kinds of dog beds available  which differ according to  size, design, comfort, and cost.  Just as there are a choice of different breeds of dogs.  Older dogs need beds that are easier to get in and out of, and that they can feel more comfortable in.  Bigger dogs need bigger beds, dogs that weigh more need beds that can support their weight.  Dogs with very short legs need flat beds so that they can get in their beds without any problems. Standard dog beds look like cushions or pillows and do not have edges or rims. They are obtainable in many shapes, sizes, materials and colors.Typically shapes include oval, round, square and rectangular.A variety of these beds are covered with materials such as microfiber, faux suede, denim, flannel or fleece. They often contain polyester filling and/or foam padding. Some beds are also filled with cedar chips to prevent odors and insects. Don’t overlook the stuffing in dog beds before you make your purchase.  Certain dogs are allergic to some synthetic materials and can get rashes from being in contact with plastics. If your dog has a history of skin ailments or you are buying a bed for a puppy,  you may want to avoid beds with cedar chips or cedar scent. Several varieties of dog beds have removable covers that can be washed.

Orthopedic dog beds are specially designed for dogs with arthritis or other joint problems such as hip dysplasia, and for senior citizen dogs regardless of their health problems. Expect to pay a little more for an orthopedic dog bed as they are commonly made of higher quality materials than standard dog beds, such as high-density, medical-grade foam that provides extra support and comfort. Some beds even include electric heating pads to provide comforting  warmth which helps to alleviate joint pain. Waterproof or washable fabrics may be needed for older dogs that are incontinent.

These days, dog lovers can find dog beds at almost any pet store, online or offline.However, if you want to find a designer dog bed with high-class, you may need to venture out to an exclusive onling dog store or a brick-and-mortar pet boutique.

Where does your dog sleep? Sure, that comfy couch or your own bed are an option, buy they are not always ideal. Dogs love human companionship and would sleep in a human bed all the time if they could, but this is not always feasible or practical. Your dog needs a spot to retreat, a place to rest his head, somewhere soft and comfortable to call his own. It is one of your dogs basic needs – A Great Bed!

If your dog is your best friend, you don’t want him to sleep on the cold, hard floor . I hope this article will encourage you to purchase a nice, comfy bed for  your  companion.