Stop Dog Chewing (As Much As Possible!)

Tips to stop dog chewing

If you want to stop dog chewing, you need to use a bit of dog psychology! One mistake I myself made a while ago was to give my new puppy an old shoe to chew when I went out, thinking this would prevent separation anxiety. Of course you can guess the rest! I was lucky, my dog stopped the chewing habit on his own when his baby teeth fell out, but some dogs need a bit more training. This article has many good tips on how to stop dog chewing.

How to stop the dog’s destructive chewing behavior

All dogs chew – and all dog owners are aware of this fact. The smell and the appearance of a shoe, a sock or any other objects on the floor will be very interesting to a dog. The objects chewed and destroyed by the dog, no matter how expensive can either be repaired or replaced. Objects that were destroyed because of a dog’s excessive chewing can be replaced but a dog’s life lost because it has chewed an electric wire or chewed and ingested poisonous substances will be lost forever.

Dogs, especially puppies are inherently curious. As they don’t have hands, they love to put things in their mouths to investigate their surroundings. Dog proofing the house is one of the measures a dog owner has to do to ensure the safety of their pet. Due to the discomfort felt from sore gums, teething puppies have the inclination to chew more, thus owners can manage the situation by removing belongings out of the dog’s reach.

Keeping belongings off the floor and keeping doors closed is necessary to lessen the potential destruction, especially if it is not possible to supervise the dog. Untrained dogs must never be left unsupervised and free to wander inside the house. To minimize destruction, untrained dogs that cannot be supervised must be confined to a dog crate or to any secure room in the house. A dog owner has to introduce to the pet the things that can be chewed.

Don’t give the dog an old sock or shoe to chew on. These are intelligent animals but don’t expect them to have the ability to distinguish between his “toy shoe” and your expensive shoes. Provide the dog with toys that can be safely chewed. A Kong toy filled with the dog’s favorite treat will keep the pet entertained for hours.

A dog’s destructive chewing behavior can be the result of boredom, separation anxiety and loneliness. Regular opportunities to let off steam will prevent boredom and minimize the dog’s propensity be destructive. As they say, a tired dog is a good dog. Spraying furniture and other objects with Tabasco, Bitter Apple or any foul tasting substances would make the objects unappealing but this can be a temporary solution as the dog would simply turn its attention to other objects. Obedience training is very necessary. While obedience training can modify the dog’s destructive behavior the training sessions will strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

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