Puppy Training As the Start of Jack Russell Terrier Training


The story of the Jack Russell Terrier that morphs from a star into a second-best dog everytime it encounters people or other dogs is a proverbial one. Everybody is familiar with the dog with no issues whatsoever when it comes to interacting with and meeting people or other dogs. But when it encounters its so called weaknesses, the dog can be observed “losing” it, and with tail tucked between its legs, it either insists on hiding between its master’s legs, or whimpers to be held. Indeed, where did the Jack Russell Terrier training go?

For dog owners, the immediate solution is to stop reinforcing the negative behavior, and to distract instead the dog, and to get it to focus on the owner-handler’s signals. But the question still remains, is it worth training a dog that seem to be steeped in submission or shyness? Any dog owner would do well to reign in annoyance and impatience at the dog, and to proceed with the training, since nothing else packs the surefire combination of fun, interesting classes and training with other dogs.

But it is indeed true that for the dog’s sake it needs to be helped to hurdle its submissive inhibitions and shyness. Thus a dog that complains that it will die from shyness anytime soon must not be pampered with pick-ups.

One more undeniable thing about joining training classes is that while a dog is good at tricks and commands, the gist in training is that the dog gets to successfully repeat them all in a variety of performing environments, plus be able to mingle with other people and pets. And it happens to be a crucial step towards formal Jack Russell Terrier training.

Dog owners will learn a lot from stepping into a puppy training class and looking at how their dogs are taught. Interesting stuff with regard to training is sometimes turned up and subject to further discussion. For instance, would you agree on the significance of the word being taught before the dog knows what is it? To avoid the dog’s misinterpreting such a command, some think that the solution is clicker training, since there is no mistaking whether the owner likes or not the dog’s response.

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