Puppy Eats Poo?

Have you noticed your new puppy eating his own poop? it’s not a pretty site and something you’ll want to train him not to do before he gets very much older!

There’s not just one reason why a dog will have a desire to do this. In fact, there are many different motivations for older dogs to eat poo (coprophagia). And almost as many reason why a puppy might. But it invariably boils down to either a mental or physiological cause.

A young dog might have been disciplined for pooping in the wrong place, and might be eating the “evidence”. Maybe he learned this behavior from his mother . An inbalaced diet or the presence of worms could be causing him to crave certain nutrients.

These are only a few possible causes for this behavior, but regardless of the reason, coprophagia can be unsanitary both for you and your poop eating dog. It’s important to train the dog while he is young. Thankfully there are several different methods and products available to cure this behavior.