Puppy Can’t Get Up {Video}

95% of dogs are trained WRONG, you owe it to them to do it right : bit.ly I used this site for real and now my dog is a well trained pure bred pit bull All bulldog puppies have to deal with this problem, they have to learn to get up on there own. If the owner helps them, they won’t learn and the owner can’t be there to help flip them over 24/7. It is a common thing you see when around any bulldog puppies. Due to their odd body shape, yes it is difficult for them to get up. Everyone seriously needs to calm down, the owner of the video was actually doing the right thing, and people will realize this if they think about it hard enough. ~thepurpleeyedmonster

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10 Responses to Puppy Can’t Get Up {Video}

  • HuggiMa says:

    It’s kid of a shame that dogs are bred to be this way in the first place due to humans thinking they’re cute. If natural selection were to occur, no dog would have very short legs that would cause them trouble in the wild to get up, or ears covering their ear canals that cause ear infections, or extra short snouts causing breathing difficulties, like with bull terriers. Oh well, we’re human. We can do whatever we want to Mother Nature…

  • Lars0n says:

    How would you like it if someone always helped you up but wasn’t there to do it this time? UH-OH! PROBLEM! They have to learn, and he does.

  • xluvs says:

    @14dxge alot of animals deal with that w/problem and have to learn to get up or find ways of getting up on their own….if you want to talk about wrong, you should talk about how wrong it was for man to make such a disfigured dog for selfish reasons

  • nun0mf says:

    omg that is so funny ahahahahhahahahaah

  • 14dxge says:

    thats wrong someone should help it up ….. because how would you like it

  • Neptune513 says:

    omg its bender from futurama xD

  • BeckyofIowa says:


  • Cervantus says:

    aw help the puppy

  • CheetofacexP says:

    there is his mom behind the bed

  • hodlpu says:

    Why does everyone say help the puppy up?

    There’s an explanation in the video’s description for why the puppy is on it’s back…