Proper Dog Nutrition??

My dog eats bits of things off of the floor and I think it’s because she’s not getting the proper nutrition. She used to eat Purina Beneful Original but I switched her to Purina Beneful Healthy Harvest a few weeks ago and her behavior is still the same. Please help, I don’t want her to ingest something harmful and end up paying $2,500 I don’t have for the removal surgery.

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  • La Comtesse De Whippet says:

    If you don’t want your dog to ingest something harmful, make sure you pick up everything you drop in the home, place anything bitesize out of reach, and watch closely when out walking to ensure she doesn’t eat things from the street. Having her understand the commands “drop” and “leave” is also a good idea for when she does grab something. Most dogs will pretty much eat anything they think looks tasty, regardless of how well they’re fed at mealtimes, so even choosing a better food won’t necessarily stop her scavenging.
    Good food brands include Wellness, Solid Gold, Canidae, The Honest Kitchen and Innova. I’m sure other people can add others to the list. Purina isn’t a great food, nutritionally. This site may also help you weigh up different branded foods:
    Ideally you want a food free of fillers such as wheat, corn and soya, or only in small quantities: most dogs don’t digest them well and they’re simply added to bulk cheap food out cheaply without being nutritious. Meat and/or fish or meat/fish meals should make up the first three ingredients on the list – the types of fish and meat should be specifically named (as in ‘chicken’, lamb’, ‘salmon’) rather than general (‘meat’, ‘poultry’). Avoid foods which contain things called “meat and animal derivatives” and “mechanically recovered meat” because it basically means unidentifiable bits of poor-quality meat.

  • Stacy says:

    Why would anything have changed? It’s still Beneful, same ingredients.
    All dogs eat things off the floor, keep your floor swept. And find a better quality food, not just a different flavor.

  • threedog says:

    Neither of those foods are very good. If you think she’s not getting proper nutrition then do some research on high quality dog foods.
    As far as the behavior goes, my dogs do that sometimes too. Teach her a “leave it” command to help stop the behavior.

  • bettatha says:

    Purina Beneful is about the lowest of the low as far as foods go. Most all supermarket brands are going to be pretty aweful. I would recommend a higher quality brand such as Canidae, Innova, Evo, Merrick, Artemis, etc…

  • Change Sucks says:
    You can find wonderful foods here. Beneful is actually one of the worse foods you can feed… it looks great because of their marketing but in reality, it’s a very poor food nutrition wise.
    On that website I listed, look into the 4, 5, and 6 star foods. Read their analysis and decide which you would like for your dog.
    Edit: Solid Gold, Natural Balance are two other foods that are highly regarded… Whatever you choose, make it “grain free” and be sure there is no corn in the ingredients! And avoid “by products” which is basically ground up, unusable animal parts-including the feet and trace amounts of feathers in chickens… Yummy.