Potty Training Puppies Requires Persistence And Patience

house training a puppy

Persistence pays off when it comes to potty training puppies. It also helps if you are patient with newborn puppies. Soon your puppy will be the ideal dog. They do not like to disappoint their master and they will work hard to please. From the start it is best to get a puppy used to going outdoors in a designated area. You should keep your commands simple. Use of the word “potty” will suffice. When your puppy hears this enough times they will likely learn to go on command. When your puppy does its business correctly, lavish praise and give a little treat. It can be incredible how much a puppy will do for a snack.

Planning your puppy’s potty time for after meals and when they wake up will help puppies get into a pattern. If you’re at work all day, with nobody at home, potty training a puppy can still be accomplished. Crating the puppies help them to have a place all their own. This also gives your puppy a sense of security, especially when it is filled with toys and a little treat. While the master is at work, cover the floor in a designated potty area. Close off the day care location from unwelcome areas. You should place a floor covering away from the crate so the odours do not disturb them.

Accidents will no doubt happen but they do not have to be the focus. It’s best for you to clean up and move on. If the puppy is caught in the act just say “no” firmly without yelling and then put them in the proper potty area. This will send a message that the puppy is being put on notice and they are not likely to consistently repeat the behavior. Whenever it looks like the puppy will not be getting the master’s attention the puppy is better off placed in the day time care area. This way they will not get in trouble.

Puppies have a lot of energy between naps and will need to get plenty of exercise. When taking walks, include puppies as soon as possible. If they are short legged then potty training puppies may also include carrying them part of the way. It’s then that you let them out to a good potty area. There are some people who push little puppies in a baby carriage since their legs may not be ready for long distances. Whatever method you use, be sure that you incorporate walks and play daily. When they have their own toys and their own space they will enjoy their mini palace on into adult life. Patience and persistence are key to raising healthy, trained puppies.

Author, Bob Walker is the proud owner of a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier name Una (rhymes with Tuna) which means ‘Little Lamb’ in Gaelic. Bob also has a blog with puppy potty training articles and videos that can be found on the World Wide Web by typing in – potty training puppies info – and adding .com

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