Organic Dog Food

Dog owners switch their pet’s diet to organic dog food either because they have embraced a natural lifestyle themselves, or because they believe in the health benefits of such a diet. A better immune system with a lower incidence of allergies, colds, rashes and illnesses is definitely worth fighting for. Moreover, even when they become ill, the recovery interval is much shorter. A growing number of pet owners declare themselves satisfied with the benefits of organic dog food.

Organic dog food is totally free of artificial colors, flavor enhancers, pesticides and any additives that give texture to the product. Unfortunately lots of vets still recommend premium brands of regular dog food, and despite these ‘professional’ recommendations, you still see your dog losing hair or scratching all the time because of dermatitis or allergies. There is a rapid alleviation of symptoms with clean organic dog food.

Your pet will certainly enjoy more energy if you introduce organic dog food at all meals. It is heart-breaking to see dogs suffering from obesity, diabetes, organ failure and even hip dysplasia. With a diet based on organic dog food, there are fewer chances for you pet to get very fat, particularly if it has lots of energy to play and run. Non-organic dog food contains bulk nutrients, and pets tend to eat more to feel satiated. With organic dog food, the animal will eat smaller but more nutritional portions.

Less worrying about digestive disorders – this is something any pet owner will appreciate. The protein in organic dog food comes from grains, which makes it very easy to digest. Conventional food may be the culprit for the dog’s diarrhea, bloating and vomiting, as well as for the rest of the digestive symptoms. Oats, barley, lamb and chicken make a great difference in your dog’s life. The pet will eat less and eliminate less.

Longevity and a better life! This is a promise that organic dog food keeps when used on the long run. The food quality influences your pet’s looks, mood and actions. Organic dog food makes your pet’s coat shine, it strengthens the immune system, it extends the dog’s life expectancy and it makes immunity stronger. You will congratulate yourself for such a choice.

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