New Puppy Is Deaf, How To Care For Him?

I just brought home a new puppy and he is deaf. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to care and train him? Any websites that you have found useful? Thanks

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  • tentoes says:

    You’ll need to use hand signals when training, and keep a real close eye on him when you’re out and about. Being that he’s deaf, I’d keep him on a shorter leash, and maybe not use a flex-lead.

  • belle says:

    When I ran a foster home for dogs, we had one that came to us deaf, and he had an eye infection and eventually we had to have it removed. It is def possible to train, but you must understand it is going to be much more time-consuming and require faaaar more patience.
    Bless you for sharing your home with a dog that has special needs!

  • Yogi and Me says:

    special training are available for dogs. You can sign train him for command, dogs are better at hand signal than verbal command anyway. You will just have to make sure people know not to sneak up on the dog or you can give him a heart attack. He’ll eventually get used to being deaf. He’ll do just fine.…

  • Bumblebe says:

    Hand Signals or Touch Signals, and I would also recommend teaching him how to respond to a humane vibrate collar, so he can still have the wonderful freedom of roaming a bit, it just teaches them to either look at you for a hand signal when it vibrates or to come to you when it vibrates :0)
    You can make your own hand signals, my dog is not deaf but I teach him hand and voice commands for every voice command there is a hand signal every time. He now responds to both.
    Sit: I point my index finger into the air (like saying one second)
    Speak: I make a fist then open it like a dogs mouth would do (yes deaf dogs can learn speak :0)
    Lay down: Face my open palm towards the floor over his head or lay my palm flat on his back
    Stay: Hold my hand like a stop sign flat towards his face keep holding it as I move away.
    Come: Point index finger towards ground near my foot adjacent with my leg
    GO : Use hands like you would direct a plane pointing in the direction he would be wanted to move to.
    I taught him these simply by doing what I was telling him to do every single time until he started doing it on his own, when he responded without visual guidance (other than the hand signal) I would praise either with a lovely treat or a lot of hugs and kisses
    With a deaf dog you need to teach them to be sound like a horse though, that way if you or a stranger comes up behind them and they are not paying attention they will not snap or be spooked, find a certain area you want him to respond calmly to you touching and do it often (on the backside) I use the very base of the tail, will come up and touch it if my dog responds without jerking or or nipping he gets rewarded if he jerks or nips I walk away, I do not punish him though because its a normal response, now my dog is not deaf but I have toddlers so I treat it the same way, I also do it when he is sleeping this is the one to watch for with a deaf animal … since hes a puppy I don’t see any problems just remember to touch his backside and touch him while he is sleeping often until he no longer has the instinct to be spooked or respond in a negative way. Good Luck :0)
    Consider buying a sign to post near your home ” Deaf Dog ” so people on the road just in case know to drive extra carefully around your home.

  • sleeping says:

    You should begin showing him hand signals as soon as possible. Start off with a thumbs up when he’s done well on something.
    My sister has a five year old Dobbie who is completely deaf. He knows hand signs very well and she’s even trained him to come inside by flicking the porch light on and off. He’ll do well if you are consistent with him.

  • DeeDawg says:

    train him like a normal dog, but use body language and hand signals to communicate with him instead of verbal communication.
    deaf dogs can be VERY attentive because they watch for your commands, if you have them pretty well obediance trained.

  • You can train a deaf dog the same way as you train a hearing dog. Use hand signals.
    That website is good. Plus there’s a lot of other links you can use.

  • Blacky~ iestá detrás! says:

    1 sec while i get the site…

  • ♥ Love ♥ says:

    my friends dog is deaf and they trained him with signals so if that would work. they didnt get a trainer they did it theirselves