My Dog Is Sick…?

How can I help my dog and he is throwing up(with a little bit of blood), having diarrhea, and won’t eat or drink much. Is there any medications or natural remedy that will cure these symptoms???

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  • You need to get your dog to a vet,there should be at least one in your town which stays open for emergency’s 24/7 It may turn out to be something minor,but it does sound like parvo which can be lethal and best to get to the vet asap Along the way try giving pedialyte through a syringe as your dog will become dehydrated quite fast……Good luck

  • misstrac says:

    These are classic symptoms of Parvo Virus and you’re dog needs urgent medical treatment, like now!!! For a dog to throw up blood there is a serious problem, they can’t pretend or play act! Get him to a vet ASAP or you could lose him! Best of luck.

  • You need to take your dog to the vet ASAP!!!! There might be some cures out there, but you need to figure out what is wrong first. Please don’t wait any longer to take him or her in.