My Dog Has Began To Limp On Her Hind Leg?

There are no injuries to the leg and it seems to keep her in pain, is there an illness that causes this?my friend said dogs can get diabetes is this true?

No, there is no particular illness that affects one or two legs.. that is LEGS PERSAE. In all probability, the dog was :
a) hit by a car or something
b) inadvertantly kicked by someone and no one wants to admit to it.
c) Look to see if there is as burr or something in the foot
d) Look to see if the paw nails are too long
You did not mention how old the dog was.. IF an OLD dog (like mine), it is undoubtedly arthritis.. I give mine glucosomine twice a day.


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  • Dogs can get diabetes but that doesn’t mean that they will limp. Maybe she stepped in a hole or hurt it some way when you were not around. You will have to take her to the vet if she continues to limp to see what the problem is.

  • Could be arthritis. Our dog had a tumor located near her hip. Don’t want to scare you, but you should get it checked out.

  • Shaken Not Stirred says:

    It could be a number of things, depending on the breed/age of the dog. Hip dysplasia is an issue for many larger breeds.
    Even in a middle – aged dog, it could be the onset of arthritis. Your vet will need to check for this.

  • leftygir says:

    dogs can get diabetes but what does that have to do with limping? Your dog might have just hurt his leg. If the limp does not improve I would take himto the vet for a check up

  • chihuahua mama says:

    How old is the dog? If a small dog, it could be luxating patellas(bad knees). If a large dog, it could be hip displasia.It could also be a problem with the back. Hope the dog will be okay.

  • if your dog is old, it could be arthritis… could just have twisted something, if a dog is injured, it doesn’t bruise and swell up immediately like people, it can take a couple of days…

  • Teri D says:

    yes dogs can get diabetes, we had one that got cancer in her spine, and have had several that have had arthritis. take her to the vet. or try giving her asprin or tylenol.

  • serenade says:

    Is your dog a pure breed? If so, it’s possible she may have a luxating patella or hip dysplasia.

  • Boy, You Better Pray says:

    You sholud ask a vet. It might be injured, you will never know.

  • Rvn says:

    Could also be hip dysplasia — some dogs are prone to it, like labrador retrievers.

  • dmncprkr says:

    Yes, dog do get diabeties, You do not give a dog human pill. are you tiring to Kill your Baby. Or are you just Crazy???? GO SEE YOUR VET TO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!