My Dog Has An Abscess Is There A Natural Cure/pain Reliever?

my poor dog has what looks like an abscess tooth is there anything i can give her for pain or to help her through it.

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  • bakbrakr says:

    I get mine at an herb store, but you can get it other places too. Pick up some 100% pure basil oil. Sometimes it is in the aromatherapy section, but as long as it is pure – no matter.
    I use it straight, but if you see further gum irritation after application, you can slightly dilute it with virgin olive oil. Just rub it on the gums and teeth where it is sore and watch the pain go away in < 10 min. It will also fight the abscess itself. I used it on myself for months until I could afford the root canal that I suddenly didn't need after going to a new dentist.

  • Elaine M says:

    This is putting bacteria into the dog’s blood system which is very dangerous. ANY tooth problems like this need to be fixed asap–it’s as painful for them as it is for us. Don’t wait, get her in tomorrow. No home remedies are going to stop this and it doesn’t get ‘worked through’. The infection has to be cleared up and the bad tooth taken out.

  • Red Pony says:

    Abscesses are nothing to fool around with, especially in the mouth. Before that tooth falls out or the abscess clears, that infection can enter her blood stream and vital organs and you can end up with a dead dog! Get her to a vet and get the tooth removed and get her on antibiotics NOW!

  • Deb C says:

    There will be noticeable swelling on the face. Most often it is a carnasal or rear most upper tooth that becomes abscessed. Just to let you know this can be EXTREMELY painful. If it is a abscessed tooth what you Absolutely must give her is a trip to the vet!

  • No, you need to get her to a Vet so that tooth may be removed. She also needs some antibiotics. Tooth infections can rapidly spread to the sinuses and also the brain. Nothing to fool around with.

  • chevyman says:

    Yes, It is called a veterinarian, If you people have to ask that dumb of
    a question then you should not own any animals in the first place,

  • RockandaHardplace says:

    What if you don’t have the money? I am dirt poor right now. My situation may change someday soon, but for now I have a best friend with a swollen mouth, and an infection so bad that I can’t sleep next to her.

    I am worried she is going to die, and short of selling a kidney I can’t afford to take her to a vet. What can I do?