Mini Dachshund Puppy Care?

I am thinking about getting a Mini Dachshund Puppy. How long can I leave it at home for alone? Are they expensive to care for compared to other dogs? (Aside from vaccines etc) I have had big dogs my whole life but the condo I live in will only allow me to have a small dog. Any other tips would be great!

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  • Opt to Adopt says:

    Try to leave it home for only 3 hours at a time max, puppies ned to use the restroom a lot, so the more often you can take it out the better. All miniture dogs are a little more expensive, they tend to have a lot more problem than larger breds, and you ALWAYS have to watch where you step, or you will be getting an even BIGGER vet bill.

  • A Mini-Dachshund is perfect for a condo. I leave mine at home from about 7 a.m. until I get home around 6 p.m. I know alot of people say this is bad but we both work so it can’t be helped. He stays in the kitchen but he has food, water, toys and a pee pad. They are not expensive to care for (no more than any other breed) but one of their health issues is that they are prone to health problems so just don’t let it jump on and off the furniture and make sure you are supporting its back end when you pick it up or hold it. Also, I’m not sure what color you are getting but my vet told me that the rare colors like Dapples and Piebalds tend to have a few more health problems like with allergies and stuff like that. Many people say they are lazy or just too dainty b/c its a small dog but nothing could be further from the truth. My dog Sonny loves to play and he runs all over the house but he also loves to snuggle and be held so if you want to relax your Doxie will be happy as long as he can be laying beside you (or on top of you-and more than likely under a blanket) . Good Luck!
    p.s. The worst thing about them is that its a stubborn breed and can be hard to housebreak or pad train.

  • corey b says:

    i live in a studio apt. and have a mini dachshund (Eartha) i love her so much . she is wee-wee pad trained and i leave her home 8 to 10 m-f (i feel bad sometimes ) when she was a pup i put a baby gate in the kitchen but now she has the whole house ( my bed !) shes very good . at first she cried for 2-3 weeks but than she stopped .she took 9 months to wee-wee train. good luck she is my life !!

  • Chayton S. says:

    Mini Daschies are great. I have one, and you can leave it for about 3 days before it goes crazy. They dont eat that much, and they have a great personality. You should be happy.

  • Blake says:

    its a puppy it needs lots of care!