Is There Anything I Can Do To Kill Fleas On A Pregnant Bulldog?

My roommate is housing an English bulldog for her cousin for the next few weeks and she seems to have fleas from a local dog park. She’s started rubbing her behind all over everything thus giving herself a nasty sore. We have bathed her in natural Wags shampoo but I don’t know what to do to get rid of the fleas or soothe her itching! She is only around 2-3 weeks pregnant. Is there any natural remedy or cure I can give her for these fleas? I have other dogs in my house (another bullie and 2 pugs) all of which suffer from flea allergies. They’re on K9 Advantix but I’m still worried! Please help if you have any idea on what to do for this poor itchy baby!
PS before it comes up, her owners are on a cruise so I can’t contact them about this matter or else I would!

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  • One thing that is safe and will help is brown Listerine mouthwash. You can use the cheaper generic, but use the brown one. Mix it one to one with water, or you can use it straight, but try diluted first since straight can sting if the dog has sores from scratching. Put it in a spray bottle and spray the dog and rub in the Listerine on its fur. You will see some fleas die, some scurry. Then comb the dog after you spray since that will work the Listerine onto the hair and comb out the dead fleas. Do this several times a day. Don’t forget to spray the bed or couch where the dog sleeps. BTW, brown listerine also kills mosquitoes! This may not kill all the fleas but it is non-toxic, smells ok, and really does help. Good luck!

  • jossiema says:

    if she is dragging her bum across the floor it could be wormed, the best advice i can give you is take her to a vet, and get perfessional help, it never hurts to get checkups when a dog is pregnant anyway.
    hope this helps ((((((((((hugs)))))))) joss.

  • SNEAKY_B says:

    Yes there is 2 things avon skin so soft you can rub all over her real good they will drop dead and also bathe her in dawn dish soap it also kills fleas, both works really awesome…

  • Nikki says:

    i would try eithe the vet or putting her on k9advantix but for that you really should contact the owners so thats out try your local vet explain the situation and please get that sore checked out

  • Kristeen says:

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