I Might Be Getting A Dog And Don’t Know How To Take Care Of One At All… Help Please!?

Are there any guides I should read?
1. How do you potty train a dog?
2. How often should the dog go for health care?
3. Do you know if the dog doesn’t like the food?
4. Is there something else besides my hands to pick up poop?
5. Whatever you have to say!
Thank you! 😀

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  • Lisa says:

    First you need to narrow down what Breed of dog you would like to get, then you should go to your local public library and check out some books on basic puppy care, books on the breed you think would fit your lifestyle. You should pay special attention to the sections on health, and temperment of your chosen breed. Call your local vet ask them how much it will cost for your shots, and to get your animal fixed.
    If you chose to adopt a mutt, still do breed research on the animals predominate breeds( if it is a mutt), because this will give you some idea of what to expect.If you are going to buy an animal from a breeder,make sure you can visit their home and see the parents, they should at least have the mother on site. If your pup is a pure breed and registered they should provide you with papers, a dog registered with ACA papers should be avoided, this club is not real reputable, You want a dog that is registered with the AKC( American Kennel Club).
    A good book on training puppies to get would be Puppies for Dummies, it is packed with useful information.
    My dogs had to go several times just to get all shots, then they go for well checks twice a year, but that depends on your vet.
    The dog won’t eat, ask breeder for recomendation on dog food, but never feed your dog People food ?(there are some exceptions) as this might make your dog more finiky.
    Buy a pooper scoop, get your self some bags for walks, always pick up after your pet.
    Grooming your dog depends on your dogs special needs, I usually bath mine in the bathtub,once a week, daily brushing.
    web siteshttp://www.akc.org/
    Hope this helps you make a good decision.

  • Carly S says:

    Go to your local library and check out books on dog care or read/buy them at a bookstore. Make sure to read them BEFORE you get a dog. It’s really important that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Taking care of a dog is hard work and you should definitely think hard about this, its not fair on the dog to have an owner that is in over their head.
    If you get a thorough book, one like “Puppies for Dummies” then it give advice on whether you are ready for a puppy and the best breeds for you.
    Please, for the sake of the puppy (and you!) read up beforehand and think hard about whether you can do everything that you need to.

  • im back says:

    the way ive Always potty trained a dog is simple take the dog out after every nap and after play time.i take my dogs to the vet when there due for there shots or when there sick or hurting.feed your dog a good meat based dog food which means the first ingredient on the ingredient list is a meat.ive honestly never had a dog not like there food. use toilet paper to pick up there poop so you can flush it.and as for baths get 1 of those shower heads that are on a long hose and just wash your dog like you wash your head.use dog shampoo never human,ferret or any other shampoo made for anything other than shampoo made for dogs

  • Reece Braveheart Aussies says:

    http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/Informa… Crate training is a great way to house train. The dog needs to go to the vet as soon as you get him, puppies have a series of shots so they will go every three week until the shots are finished. If he doesn’t eat the food then he doesn’t like it, look for a food with no fillers, read the ingredient list on the bag. Stay away from any thing with corn etc. Dog food should have meat as the main ingredient. Look for a pooper scooper at a pet store, that’s a easy way to clean the poop.You can also put a sandwich bag inside out on your hand and pick it up that way.Then you just pull it shut and throw it away. Dogs can get a bath once a month, if it’s warm you can bathe them out side, I use my bath tub.

  • iride719 says:

    well first off, you think dogs are cute till they **** all over your house!
    just take her out every hour or so, keep a good eye on her, and if she starts sniffing, take her out.
    dogs should go to health care for shots when they are due, and if they are sick.
    depending on the dog, you will be able to know if they dont like it.:)
    picking up poop? plastic bag, shovel, ect.

  • Kriskitt ♥ Kitties says:

    i’m not sure how to potty train a dog
    about twice a year
    the food you introduce when you get him/her should be fine
    my family got a pooper-scooper @ walmart
    & make sure you give enough food, love, care,water and excersize to ur dog! remember: labels on the back of dog food cans are usually wrong.

  • Ocimom says:

    I think you should do a heck of a lot of reading on dog care before you even think of getting a dog. There is a LOT involved to properly care for and train a puppy.

  • rescue member says:

    Get a book on dog care from your library or buy one at an online book store. “Dogs for Dummies” is good – tells you all about dogs, their care and training.

  • Makenna S. says:

    You better learn about dogs before you get one-they’re a handful!!