I Am Clueless To Puppy Care. Puppy Is Not Even A Month Old. I Was Only Told To Give It Puppy Milk… What Next?

I know shots come next, but what about weaning to puppy food? When do we start training? I really have NO CLUE…HELP!

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  • Wise ol' poodle groomer says:

    Why on earth is that pup not with it’s dam and littermates? It shouldn’t leave it’s birth home until at least 7 weeks old, if not later.
    Ok, well seeing as you already have it, it will need a formula milk (Lactol for example – initially slightly warmed) four or five times a day up until at least five weeks of age, when it should be able to go onto goats milk. Do not feed cows milk. Begin introducing soaked kibble at the age of three weeks, firstly once a day then building up to 2,3 and four times a day. Make sure water is always available. Give it warmth and plenty of attention. Give it something to chew eg tripe stick, pig’s ear strips. You will have to do the job of it’s mother in gently teaching it right from wrong. This will not be easy.
    Don’t expect it to be house trained until at least 4 months of age.
    This puppy will need a lot of help from you. Socialise it well as soon as it’s vaccinations allow because it won’t have a clue concerning acceptable canine social behaviour.

  • Great Dane Lover says:

    Are you saying that your puppy is not even 4 weeks old?? If so be aware it is against the law to buy, sell, adopt or giveaway a puppy this young and in most states any puppy under 8 weeks old.
    This puppy needs to be taken back to it’s mother asap.She is way to young.
    On the off chance this puppy is an orphan and you the breeder didn’t illegally sell it and you didn’t illegally buy it under age…..She won’t really be ready for food for another couple of weeks although you can start introducing canned puppy food mixed with puppy milk replacer so that it is real soupy and feed her that way…puppies should NEVER have vaccinations under 8 weeks of age and she won’t be ready to start training until she is 7-8 weeks old and even then only minimal training until she gets a little older.

  • funketybucket says H-eye! says:

    Have a Vet do a physical on the puppy, when feeding puppy milk do not lay it on it’s back like a human baby, this will cause them to aspirate milk into their lungs, catch pneumonia and die. so laying on the belly only, just like if they were nursing from mom. At 6 wks old it will need first set of vaccs, go to the vet for them, and then you can also start weening to puppy food at that time. (It will need to eat puppy food for a minimum of 1 yr) Mix some of the milk into the dry food and then let it soften the first few times that you feed him dry food. Don’t feed him canned food, it just causes health and teeth problems, and obesity. Start Obedience training between 6-9 wks for the best results. You can enroll them in obedience classes, which are wonderful and they are fairly inexpensive. When you’re at the vet make sure to ask for recommendations on what flea/tick and heart worm prevention products to use monthly depending on your situation and the dogs living conditions, indoor/outdoor etc…
    Also deworm with pyrantel
    Good Luck!!!

  • The pup should be with it’s mother and the rest of the litter. However I am not gonna be like the rest that just bash and don’t offer any advice. If it’s 4 wks old. Give it wet puppy food. Get a high quality kibble and let it soak in warm water till it’s soft then give it to the pup. It does not need to be bottle fed. You can also soak it in puppy formula also.
    Start working on housebreaking now. Obedience stuff at 7wks. When the pup is able to eat soft moist treats.

  • The-Mom says:

    I am very concerned that you have a puppy that is not even a month old. Puppies should stay with their mom until at least 8 weeks. I am curious why and how you got this puppy. If the mom is not around you need to take this puppy to a vet right away so that the vet can let you know how the pups health is and how to handle this delicate and dangerous time in it’s life. Please go to the vet asap.Note: If the mom died from an illness that is all the more reason to get this pup to the vet,whatever the mom had could have been passed on to the puppy. Just please take it to the vet and make sure the vet gives you the right instructions.

  • Kit_kat says:

    first the pup should be wormed at 2,4,6,8 and 10 weeks old
    shots don’t start until 6 weeks old
    you can start the weaning now
    get a good dry puppy food and add water to moisten to a soup like consistency. give this to the pup 4-5 times a day.
    At this age you can start to train to pads but not suggest letting outside for any reason as it may have lost all it’s immunity from the mom.

  • Spencer W says:

    Whoever let you take a puppy away from the mother at that young age should not be allowed to breed dogs. Between the ages or 5-10 weeks, the mother dog will educate the puppies on what is proper puppy behavior. Contact a vet as to the right feeding regimen for your pup. Expect to put in long hours training your puppy, because you will teach the
    puppy how to behave. Check for reputable trainers in your area to help train you how to train your dog. The long hours you spend in training your pup will create a strong, life-long bond. Best of luck to you and your pup.

  • PawPrint says:

    OH gee.. The puppy is 4 week old.. While it’s not the best idea that she is away from the mother.. She is NOT going to die if you take care of her. She can eat dry kibble soaked in goat’s milk, make sure you try to get her to drink water too. She can pee and poop on her own which I am sure you have already found .. Keep her warm, keep her safe, don’t take her out side where other dogs go.. She needs vaccinations at 6 weeks, of age to start, and will need to be wormed at the same time..
    She is NOT going to die.. She can eat and drink mush, and depending on the breed, she is likely able to even eat dry kibble at a month of age. She is delicate, but she is not so defendant on her other at this point that she will die..Geeeesss people !

  • Ms. Complicated says:

    well since the mother died of an infection of some sort i would say get the puppy checked out asap. next i would use llamas for puppy’s that is a really good brand. and my dog is very healthy i used it since he was a puppy! then you can start to train it. give it a certain destination to use the rest room once it got that get it used to going to the door. make sure the dog has all shots and everything to keep him healthy. if you think the slightest thing is wrong to to the vet asap. if you ever need any other advice please feel free to email me at keyla_brown123@yahoo.com or brown.keyla@gmail.com

  • ebsmrtgr says:

    how did you end up with such a young puppy? if someone gave it to you, get to the mother ASAP because I don’t think it will make it without her. It is WAY to young to be away from her already; ideally, pups should be with their mom for at least 8 weeks. If you can’t get it to the mother, get it to a vet or even try to find a surrogate. Seriously, I have great doubts about whether this puppy will make it and how it will be as an adult….good luck.

  • Little Dragon says:

    why do you have a 4 week old puppy? it needs to be with mom for another 4 weeks.

  • ragapple says:

    at 4 weeks you can provide some meals of “puppy gruel” a good puppy food soaked to oatmeal consistancy in the puppy formula….

  • This is where I go to get dog training advice;http://www.beginningdogtraining.com
    Good luck, JR

  • Georgieb says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN NOT DO THAT IT WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!