How To Take Care Of A Puppy Chihuahua?

I’ve never had a dog before but expected to get a newborn chihuahua
soon. I need help on what to buy before coming home and how to take care of them. Thanks!

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  • Bonnie L says:

    Hopefully you’ve purchased the dog from a reputable breeder, not a BYB. Your reputable breeder will be able to answer your questions.

  • ♥†Jesus. He's for everyone†♥ says:

    Well i have a chihuahua and have had her since she was a little tiny puppy!
    Well first of the basics you need are… A bed, two mini dog dishes for food/water (or bunny dishes work too.) and of course you need food, and water! lol you dont HAVE TO have toys but its one of those important but not absolutely needed at first things i suggest getting some toys later on at least if you dont have any now. Those are the basics that you HAVE TO HAVE when your puppy comes home.
    Expect your puppy to sleep ALOT the first month or so, and when your puppy first comes home it will/may whine ALOT for the first hour/day until it gets used to its suroundings show it where its food/ water and bed is. Let it explore the house but if you think its gonna go take it to wherever its bathroom is (outside/inside). be carefull of the tip top of your chihuahuas head because just like babies they have a soft spot, (thats where the skull bones havent grown together and its just tissue and brain underneath, but most of the time chihuahuas soft spots grow together.) Give your chihuahua lots of love and attention and ONLY use positive reinforcement (treats when good, and ignoring/taking away somthing special when not good. no hitting involved!! ) when training your dog because chihuahuas can be stubborn little things but very shy and submissive animals so be kind! But Most of all chihuahuas get very attached to their owners and normally attatch to one person/family. some chihuahuas can be shakey, mine isnt. Some can be VERY barky… well mine didnt even learn/know how to bark until it was one! Chihuahuas each and every one of them have a brain a heart and can THINK so treat it like your treat a child Besides chihuahuas are the most child like of all dogs and Just make sure you give it baths after its 6 months old because its not good to give too many baths and any baths when their little puppies. Its simple JUst keep all poisonus and harm full things away, and spend lots of time with your puppy give it food shelter and love and you will be a great pet owner, Just also make sure your puppy knows you are the “alpha dog” but at the same time being their best friend because this is the ONLY best friend that will (normally) always be at your side…. Good luck! And happy puppy days!

  • ~*Wifey of a Veteran*~ says:

    Buying a puppy should never be a spontaneous or impulse buy. Go to the library and read up on the breed. Research it online. Ask friends and neighbors or anyone that you know. Before I got my Mini Dachshund, I researched it for 3 months, deciding on different breeds until I came across the Mini Dachshund and found that it was right for me. Make sure to keep your options open.

  • Deb says:

    Do you mean newborn, as in needs to be fed by a bottle till 6 weeks old or do you mean you are getting a 6 week old pup?
    I will assume 6+ week old puppy.
    Only the mother dog should care for the pups at least 6 weeks old or an experienced person who has hand raised newborns (in an emergency only).
    Check out this link……
    These are basic tips for a small dog. I did not notice the article state what to feed the puppy….…
    Since he is so very small, the puppy kibble should also be for tiny dogs so the pieces are small. The pup will need to have the food moistened with alittle water to make it soft enough to chew.
    Do some online research on Chihuahuas and get a book on them at the pet store. Lots of good dog magazines to choose from.

  • Time for Mustard says:

    ummm………u feed it, but dont wash him/her unless she/he is over 2 months old. take him/her for a walk but it probabaly wont want to walk so youll probably have to carry him/her. but do it anyway. feed him/her three times a day until it’s like, over 5 months old, then feed it twice a day. feed him/her puppy chow:]

  • AUSSIEMO says:

    hopefully you mean a 10 week old..
    your reputable breeder will go over everything you need to know and more…. they will be your mentor…… please do your research and use a reputable chi breeder

  • Toy Fox Terrier says:

    The puppy shouldn’t leave the mother until 10-12 weeks. For now this puppy should be left in the hands of an experienced breeder

  • Mona #7 says:

    it dosent need to leave it’s mom until it’s like 10 wks. old =]

  • TonyWith says:

    I guess this is why we have parents.