How to Help a Dog to Lose Weight

Help a dog to lose weight for a healthier life

We know it is unhealthy to be overweight, well it’s the same for our dogs. Overweight dogs are prone to diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, so it’s important to help a dog to lose weight, so he can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

how to help a dog to lose weight

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Dogs don’t become overweight on their own. They are overweight because we feed them too much. Some times out of ignorance and sometimes out of misplaced kindness.

Actually I think the following news story is rather sad. From the UK, the lastest “aid” for overweight dogs is a stair lift especially designed for dogs who are too fat to climb the stirs on their own.

Stair lift for dogs helps porky pooches get about | The Sun |News

Fat dogs might look cute and cuddly but obesity is a serious issue with very serious consequences – besides restricted movement, heart disease and arthritis, it can result in liver damage and diabetes too”. A cautionary tail.

Also from the U.K, The Biggest Loser – fot pets! For those who have never watched the biggest loser, it is a contest for obese people to see whjo can lose the most weight. Contestants are put through all sorts of dreadful exercise routines for the entertainment of TV audiences. The cosen dogs and cats will go through a 6 month diet and exercise program. Watch the video below to find out more…

The Biggest Loser: Pet Version [VIDEO]


“The Biggest Loser” has gone to the dogs, cats and bunny rabbits in the United Kingdom. Eighteen overweight pets have been chosen to take part in a weight loss competition called Pet Fit Club in the U.K. Do any of these

By now you already know if your dog is overweight. But “how to help a dog lose weight?” The following article has some great advice on how and what to feed your dog to get him or her back into shape. Apparantly it’s all asbout training the dog owner.

How to Feed Your Overweight Dog – Article :: Networx


How to Feed Your Overweight Dog. “Everything, just about, tastes good to them (the dog). They don’t know enough to quit eating, so we have to retrain the owner,” said Dr. Schmitt.

It appears the US also has a problems with overweight pets. This little video give some good advice on how to solve the problem.

FOX59: Overweight Pet Epidemic

It’s a health epidemic in the United States: pudgy pets. According to the association for pet obesity prevention, more than 88 million pets are obese or overweight. Doug Magditch looks into the problem and what can be done about it.

It’s not just overfeeding that can cause a dog to become obese. A low thyroid can cause weight gain as the metabolism is slowed. If you think you’re feeding and exercising your dog correctly, but he’s still piling on the weight, it may be time to ask you vet how to help a dog lose weight. There may be other factors, such as metabolic disorders at play.