How To Cure The Kennel Cough (without Seeing A Vet)?

My dog has never been with other dogs. A natural cure, Thanks.

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  • puglover says:

    I have a book on natural cures but it only recommends using the recommendations to prevent kennel cough or to treat it in the very early stages.sorry the only thing I would recommend is taking your dog to the vet…I wouldn’t trust anyone Else’s cures.

  • bravo654 says:

    If your going to own a pet, it is your responsibilty to take care of the pet, as you would your own child. So if the dog has a problem then call a vet. maybe he could give you addvice over the phone. If your child had a cough and you couldn’t get rid of it, you would call a doctor.
    It sounds like you love your dog, but not willing to fork out money for a vet. when it has a problem. Maybe you should give the dog to someone who can aford to care for it.

  • mo says:

    Go to a vet and make sure it is kennel cough, you don’t have to let the vet treat him if you prefer natural products. And do not let the vet give the vaccination for canine cough to your pet if he is sick. Had very bad experience with this.

  • raven says:

    Actually, clinical cases of Kennel Cough are usually caused by several infectious agents working together to damage and irritate the lining of the dog’s trachea and upper bronchii. The damage to the tracheal lining is fairly superficial, but exposes nerve endings that become irritated simply by the passage of air over the damaged tracheal lining. Once the organisms are eliminated the tracheal lining will heal rapidly. The most common organisms associated with Canine Cough are the bacteria called Bordetella bronchiseptica and two viruses called Parainfluenza virus and Adenovirus and even an organism called Mycoplasma.
    Many dogs that contract Kennel Cough will display only minor signs of coughing that may last seven to ten days and will not require any medication at all. The majority of dogs with the disease continue to eat, sleep, play and act normally… except for that annoying, dry, non-productive coughing that seems so persistent. It is always a good idea, though, to have any dog examined if coughing is noticed because some very serious respiratory diseases such as Blastomycosis, Valley Fever, Heartworms and even cardiac disease might display similar sounding coughing.
    Treatment is generally limited to symptomatic relief of the coughing with non-prescription, and occasionally prescription, cough suppressants. If the dog is running a fever or there seems to be a persistent and severe cough, antibiotics are occasionally utilized to assist the dog in recovering from Kennel Cough. It can happen that secondary bacterial invaders will complicate a case of Kennel Cough and prolong the recovery and severely affect the upper airway. Therefore the use of antibiotics is determined on an individual basis

  • I doubt if you’ve diagnosed correctly…It’s only caught from other dogs.

  • girly_ko says:
  • jackruss says:

    If your dog has never been around other dogs, there is not a very high chance of it getting kennel cough. It is passed from dog to dog, just like a cold in people. When you take your dog for its shots, they should give them a spray up their nose that protects it form getting kennel cough. If I were you, I would take the dog to the vet to find out if its really kennel cough or, most likely, something else. My dog gets a runny nose and the sneezed when he allergies act up. It could be something like that.

  • carlypan says:

    the kennal caugh goes away it just comes from other dogs ao cats at the humain society

  • krystal_ says:

    kennel cough is just a dogs sore throat usually. Has your dog been in kennels recently and been barking lots?
    He/she has missed you terribly and due to other distractions and other dogs in the kennels barking he/she has joined in.
    Try a dose of ordinary cough medicine – one for children would be a good start – not too much just one spoonful in the morning and another one at night. If no better in a week see your VET. Best of luck.

  • ladyluna says:

    Like others have said, it comes from other dogs. You need to take your dog to a vet and have them diagnose him. If it is kennel cough, the vet will give you a prescription antibiotic to make him better. When he’s better, be sure to get him vaccinated against kennel cough (Bordetella).