How To Care For A 4 Weekish Old Puppy?

A friend found a puppy out in the middle of nowhere on a back country road. she was infested with fleas & seed ticks. i took her to the emergency animal hosp & since she’s so small… they sprayed flea/tick spray on a puppy pad & wrapped her in it to avoid her getting toxic. any helpful or basic tips on caring for her while having another dog & cat in the same apt? i treated both my cat & other dog w/ frontline & i keep them away from the puppy right now. got any other suggestions or tips?

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  • ❤PomMom❤ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Spay & Neuter says:

    You need to feed it supplemental mother’s milk and NOT cows milk. You can start feeding little bits of gruel or mush, but it is much too young to eat puppy food on a regular basis. Never leave the puppy unattended as you don’t know how your other pets are going to react. You may have to stimulate the puppy so it goes to the bathroom. You need to get a soft, warm cloth or cotton ball and gently wipe it’s bottom (like the mother licking her pup).

  • kathiiba says:

    if they have frontline they should be okay but keep them semi separated
    buy some milk replacer they should still have there mommy
    buy puppy food and put lukewarm water in it

  • aecfac says:

    Go to the pet store and buy puppy formula and a feeder bottle. Keep it warm and feed it frequently.

  • 4 WEEK OLD PUP SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN CHEMICAL DE FLEA PRODUCTS , SHAME ON YOUR VET . bath the pup and flea comb the pup. Give the pup dog food and goats milk .

  • Aero-Smi says:

    Take it to a shelter so it cant be properly fostered and given proper veterinary care.

  • Lisa says:

    Feed her a milk replacement formula-you can purchase it at the vet or at a pet store, such as Petsmart/Petco.
    Make sure you’re keeping her warm.
    She’ll need her 1st round of puppy shots soon enough, so be sure to get her into your vet for those.
    Poor baby.

  • Stephanie M says:

    Milk replacer from a vet or pet store. Always have water available. Keep out of drafty areas and you always can call the emergency clinic with further question if something arises. In a week or so give or take a couple days make wetted down food or a quality can food offered several times a day you may have to put alittle on the lips to encourage the eating. Good luck and bless you for trying.

  • Poor thing! I’d suggest calling your local shelter and seeing if they have any dogs who’ve had puppies who could nurse this little one for a few weeks. A lot of times they can get the mother to take in another puppy. That would be the best, because the mother’s milk has stuff in it the pup needs. And she’ll turn the puppy and clean him.
    You can buy milk replacement at the pet store, and sometimes they have little tiny bottles you can buy, too. Every few hours, take a damp washcloth and clean her with it. I’ve also heard of people using heat lamps to keep the puppy warm. I’m not sure if you have to use that if you keep her warm and wrapped up near you. Call your vet and ask what you need to do as far as getting her first shots and ask if they have any advice for such a young pup. Good luck! I think it’s great that you’ve stepped in to help this poor little dog.

  • bully4me says:

    First, thanks for coming to the rescue of that little pup. Ask your vet about flea powders, as well as sprays. Many are safe for young animals. Confine her to a small area that can be easily treated and cleaned. Treat not only the pup, but the bedding and entire area where she is kept. You might also ask about bathing her every couple of days for about a week. Just make sure you get her completely dry using a hair dryer on low heat. Good luck.

  • Shiri! says:

    Aww, first I just want to say congratulations! Your newest pet-member of the family. As for the advice..
    << Keep her warm! << If you plan on keeping her as a pet, for the rest of her life, keep her away from other pets until about 7/8 wks old. But make sure you don't wait TO long until introducing her to animals, or she may never become friendly to them! << Don't give her kibble until she's about 6 wks. You can get puppy formula at Wal-Mart.. You could use a bottle, but it's not really neccesary if you don't have the time. << Pups are very fragile! Ecspecially at that age. Give her lots of love, and don't ever drop her. <

  • Tina the cat lover says:

    Taking the best care of the puppy as you can. Are you going to keep it..If you need advice call a vet ask questions.It is free to ask…Best of luck…I love puppys have cats thou….

  • sacdogbe says:

    Yikes! There are numerous health and behavior considerations with this puppy.
    As someone who works with dogs with behavior problems every day, my biggest concern is that she learn how to interact with other dogs. If you can find a breeder who currently has a litter of puppies around the same age who would be willing to let you integrate the puppy, that would be the best thing you could do.
    She is going to go through some critical developmental stages in the next 4 weeks that are going to determine her future behavior.
    Dogs that do not get adequate exposure to littermates and other dogs during this time frequently develop problems around other dogs when they get older, as they never learned how to read or give appropriate communication signals, bite inhibition and other important skills.
    If you cannot find a breeder who is willing to take the puppy in (with an unknown health history, they might not want to), find a good positive trainer who can teach you how to properly socialize this puppy from the start to prevent serious problems later on. I provided a couple of links below to find a trainer in your area.
    A few months of preventative work is going to save you years of problem behaviors in the future!