How Much Work Is It To Take Care Of A New Puppy/dog?

What do you have to do and how long does it take and how often do you have to do it?

A LOT of work… You have to groom it (brushing, baths, nail clipping, ear care, eye care, teeth brushing every night) You have to change it’s water at least once a day, I do it twice-three times a day. You have to evauluate different foods and spend hours looking through petstores to find the perfect food. You have to bring her to the vet for a checkup every year or so…You have to watch for any infections, fleas, ticks, multiple others too…

You have to pick up poo when ever it goes potty and then there is potty training and obedience…You have to crate train it and help your dog conquer fears of cars, people, weird phobias of glasses, mail boxes…You have to clean up accidents when she goes potty inside and you have to bring her out at night to go potty when it is snowing and 20 degrees out and watch her stare vacantly at you and and the second shhe is inside, she pees on your brand new rug…You have to remember to always be the alpha dog, and sometimes the hardest of all is to remember to scratch behind her ears when you come home because she waws waiting for you the whole day….

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it won’t be much work…If you don’t have the time, commitment, love, and the money to take care of a dog, get a different pet like a fish or a hamster.

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  • Carolyn D says:

    Yes it is a lot of work for the first year. You have to house train it. It is extremely excited because it’s a puppy. It will try and chew things, jump on things, pee and poop in the house. All of these things the dog needs to be trained not to do and it should be done in a loving and gentle way to create a loving dog.

  • Jen P says:

    It is a 24/7 job while they are young one the get older and into a routine you’ll be fine but at this point you heave to fee the pup 4 times a day healthy food ( cutting it down by three times and once the dog get 1 year old only once a day ) You will need to walk him at least couple times a day so that he learns to do his business outside and playing of course , but don’t forget to start teaching him he needs to be challenged and thought something .

  • Gerald says:

    It is like raising a new born baby some say it is worse. House breaking is a lot of work to take the pet outside at least every 45minutes to an hour. If you have carpet it is ruined in a very short time and will smell of pee and poo. A house dog is indoors. If it is an outdoor dog such as a blue tick hunting dog. Ya need to build a dog run and fence it in. Keep in mind that if you are a renter it is real hard to find places that will accept the dog or cat. Expect to pay a non-refundable damage deposit of one months rent or more. We have a grown Golden and the wife wants a puppy–I said no..She raised puppies for Canine Companions dogs that provide service to handicapped children or adults.

  • KiKi says:

    Make sure you are willing to pay for all the shots.
    All the shots for the first 4 months – Around $275
    If is female – Spay at 5-6 months – Around $200-$400
    Feed the puppy 2-3 time a day. Change water. Potty train.
    Crate train – $$$
    Paper Train – $$$
    Take the puppy out every 1 to 2 hours.
    Playing with the puppy when he/she is awake.
    Wake up in the mid-night (by puppy crying).
    Be very very very patient.

  • tina m says:

    Before you do this, I would talk to your vet regarding how much it costs for vet visits, spay and neuter etc. Please know that having a dog and raising it properly is a fulltime job.

  • M says:

    Well a puppy is like a baby. So you’ll need to spend alot of time with your pup to make sure that he becomes healthy and happy.

  • Dachshund gal? says:

    honestly a lot of work for a pretty long time. you have to housebreak them-not fun-, train them somewhat, prevent them from chewing on everything, but to me, it’s all worth it!

  • Private P says:

    It is a full time job, and a commitment for the life of the do. Do not take it lightly.

  • DP says:

    It’s a lot of work, and you have to do it til it’s done.. Read a book..

  • Puppy is no different that taking care of a human baby. If you cannot take care of a human child then do not take on a puppy.

  • Frawggy says:

    A LOT. i’m looking for a puppy soon too and i heard it wasn”t like your average house cat, lol

  • scoder_2 says:

    How much is that puppy in the window?
    No really.I got a dog a year ago and let me tell you !It is alot of work.My dog has ran away,chewed on stuff,Went to the bathroom on my floors,ruined my house plants,and so on.When they are puppy’s they are awful animals.My dog is the best dog now.But if your not ready for this and still want a dog.Try getting a adult dog.Then you don’t have to deal with the puppy stage…shara

  • It can be a year of hell but with very rewarding results if you do it properly.

  • Edward Elric says:

    to take care of any pet you have to buy the food and cage and bed (toys) all the stuff which might cost like $50 or so dollars. then you have to feed it and give it water, so that might take 3-5 minutes. after that you can train it to so it doesn’t poop all over the place, that might take more than a month. then you might have to bring it to the pet Doctor every so often.and that’s about it that i can answer! Good luck, i hope this is useful!

  • jml167 says:

    It is so much work! We brought home our English bulldog puppy Nigel a year ago at 8 weeks. We read all the books, talked to a ton of people who had owned dogs and it was still hard! The first week was just like having a newborn, he cried at night and needed to be taken out to go potty often. Please think long and hard before getting a puppy. The other thing to think about is that dogs go through an “adolescent” stage where they are stubborn and rebellious. Ours is going through it now. At least he is potty trained, but we are still dealing with chewing, not listening, etc. This is the age where many dogs are given up for adoption because people get tired of dealing with them.
    I recommend reading Puppies for Dummies. It will give you some idea of what you are getting into.

  • Puppies have to go outside to go to the bathroom every hour or two. They have to have a lot of play time and a lot of resting time. You want to walk the dog and start teaching it some basic training such as sit, stay, down, and how to walk properly on a leash. I would say that a 8 week old puppy is as much work as a young child. It will make you loose sleep at night because the dog will cry all night for a couple weeks unless you sleep with it then they still may cry. Get a book on puppy care and read it so that you know what you would be getting into….don’t get me wrong it is worth it but just be prepared!!