How Much Does It Cost To Take Care Of A Puppy/dog Approximately?

I just received an e-mail from my cousin’s friend who rescued several lab puppies. She can’t keep them all and may have to take them to animal control soon if she can’t find anyone to adopt them. I’m considering taking one or two in, but I need to know the total cost, per year for caring for dogs first.

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  • Madison says:

    The first year, it averages between $600-$800. That includes all vaccinations which start at 6 weeks of age, spaying/neutering at 6 months of age, food/toys/bedding, and heartworm/flea medication.
    After the first year the dog will need a yearly vet check-up including a rabies vaccination. They also need a heartworm pill once a month (this is mandatory, heartworms is very serious and can easily begin in dogs) and flea treatment which prevents and kills fleas.

  • nursebub says:

    up front you have to get it desexed, microchiped, vaccinated, wormed, registered and vet checked.
    a small dog like my dachshund will set you back around AU$10 – 15 per week on food, I worm him monthly another $10 plus his toys and bedding, food bowls, collars outfits and treats etc. so with a med/ larger dog you have to at least double if not triple that
    and don’t forget -obedience classes $$$$$$
    hope this helps
    this is an approx price run down on a small dog the bigger they are the more they cost with food and worm tablets, and bedding etc.
    $ 150 – $200 desexing (depending on the sex)
    $ 50 – micro chipping
    $ 50 – Vet check
    $ 10 – worming (monthly)
    $ 5 – heart worming (monthly)
    $ 10 – $15 food wet &dry (weekly)
    $ 20 – pet bed
    $ 5 – blankett
    plus the other extras (such as as the dog)

  • grey wolf says:

    It depends for a start what they’l be fed, decide what you would feed them, and work it out via there weight. If you want to insure that’ll be £6-10 per month per dog, and vet bells are expensive!!

  • Kelli says:

    it changes with each dog. If the dog gets sick or has a health problem it could cost over a thousand $, but if you had a healthy dog it could cost only 200.

  • Jennifer G says:

    I have boxers, which are slightly smaller than labs but a good comparison. For each dog, including food, vet expensese, grooming, toys, etc. I spend approximatly $720 a year. I know this from receipts. You also will have to invest at least a hundred dollars to get started, you NEED a crate, stainless steel bowls, a nylon collar and leash, shampoo and grooming supplies, toothbrush and paste, etc. Good luck.