How Much Does It Cost To Take Care Of A Puppy?

I want to buy a golden retriever puppy. How much does it usually cost for like shots and to be spayed? Are there any other costs I should take into account? How much do electric fences cost?

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  • Weimaraner Mom says:

    Before anything else you should NEVER use an electric fence for a dog, and if you mean underground invisible fence golden retrievers and other sporting/hunting dogs don’t do well with invisible fences once they see prey.
    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that basic first-year expenses can cost $1,314 for a small dog, $1,580 for a medium dog, and $1,843 for a large dog.
    Other costs are food, bedding, bowls, leashes and collars as the dog grows, flea meds, heartworm meds, toys, grooming [depends on breed], Pet Insurance, and many other miscellaneous items.
    Dog ownership can and is expensive, just make sure you’re prepared for the expense because an unexpected emergency can literally be the choice of paying $3000 or euthanizing the dog.

  • Heather says:

    at the vets here in louisiana…
    1) Spay. USUALLY about $75 depending on size and age
    2) Shots (beginning shots) about $100-$115 ( most people get there dogs shots once a year to be safe. but.. they have studies now showing that its basically unnessecary and may even hurt your animals)
    3) worming medication– If it gets roundworms or something… you can get that medication for about $20-$30 at most (usually)
    4) Heartworm medication– You should ALWAYS keep them on this. Pills for the Golden Retreiver should cost about $75-$115 a YEAR.
    5) You mean the electric/invisible collar/fence? Thats (depending on your yard) usually about $150 maybe more.
    6) The FOOD… Depending on the brand. (you should never feed your pet ONLY processed foods… meaning canned or dry. Feed ‘it’ meat at least twice a month. unseasoned of course) Your looking at about… $300 give or take on food. Of course left overs (as long as they arent over seasoned or containing anything your dog cant handle) are always good.

  • Laura M says:

    Essjay is probably right.
    The spaying for a large dog plus shots and microchipping with run you possibly over $400 alone. Factor in yearly exams (biyearly once the dog becomes a senior), toys, high quality food (not grocery store or Petsmart/co food), medicines, accidents like broken legs and swallowed objects, your own stuff that’s damaged by a puppy, a crate for potty training, the electric fence (hundreds there), a dental cleaning every few years(priced at $400-2000, depending on the severity), you probably will spend $30k in the 10 years the dog is alive. That’s very conservative, $3k per year.

  • Mutt for the Truth says:

    Get rid of the fence idea – there’s only a small chance of your individual dog taking to it and trusting it (most just ignore it or take the zap to get to the other side) and even then it won’t keep anything else OUT of the yard. They’re a waste of money, in my opinion, unless you have the RIGHT dog with the RIGHT yard in the RIGHT area.
    As for costs: The dog itself will be $50 (rescue) to over $1,000 (purebred with quality bloodlines.) Initial supplies will be about $200, first vet check about $200. Monthly fees about $150. Emergency fees can soar over a grand or two.
    Prices vary on size of dog and quality – a well bred dog may cost less in vet fees. Larger dogs need more of everything so general care fees will be higher. Golden’s also have grooming fees at about $100 every few months. My prices above are based on what I spent on my dog (who was about 5 lbs at the time and is about 18 lbs now.)

  • Becky says:

    Initial costs for puppies is high because they need all of their shots which runs about $400 total with office calls & meds. Then spay/neuter costs about $150. Cost for food is roughly $25 for a 30 lb bag of food which lasts about 6 weeks. By their second year it should be just one vet visit for booster shots at about $125. After three years of age you can decide if you want to keep vaccinating or if you want to chance it and go with the folks who believe that the initial vaccines are good for life (I’m still doing research). Dogs should get Rabies vaccine every three years.

  • jt8908 says:

    I got a min pin just recently! the first week we spent $1,000 on her! Food gets really expensive-especially if you are going to have a big dog! Toys, a crate or 2, a bed, and you want an electric fence so that will be even more! You will need a leash and collar. For shots you will have to go every 3 weeks or so and for a small dog it was around $60-$70 so for a big dog idk if it will be different! Good luck with a Golden! They are amazing dogs and are very beautiful and sweet! I have had them my whole life but wanted a small dog for my apartment now that I am on my own. They are so much fun so if you are financially ready then go for it!

  • Karin P says:

    pricing will vary dependant on vet.
    and the ? should be, how much does it cost to take care of a dog?
    there is no monetary answer, (imo) because there will always be the unexpected expense like vet visits, emergencies, etc..
    you’re looking at a big dog, so food cost will be substantial. you will need to provide toy’s, outside shelter, a kennel/fenced yard/chain, etc.. to keep the dog safe and prevent wandering.

  • Owned by an Aussie says:

    You are looking at hundreds of dollars, especially with that electric fence thing. Puppies aren’t cheap, they’re like raising babies, so I hope you can afford it and plan to spend these hundreds of dollars, especially with a large breed like a Golden

  • duckie07 says:

    electric fence? why would you do that? that isn’t meant for dogs!
    you can expect to spend around $100 for all the shots and maybe another $100 for spaying….
    you need to also get heartworm meds to give 1x a month and flea prevention…. also make sure you are always prepared to go to the vet if the dog is sick…..

  • Arisa says:

    Even though costs aren’t too much to handle…you have to keep in mind of the costs for emergencies!!! Many animals are put to sleep because owners can not afford the emergency costs!!!

  • pokeboy says:

    gee, i would guess about $3,000 a year. I’ve had nine puppies at once, $27,000 yaer!

  • richard s says:

    like a million dollars

  • EssJay Ö Think before you breed says:

    approx 30,000 over the dog’s entire lifetime.

  • shaboom. :] says:

    a lot.