How Fleas And Ticks Can Have An Effect On Your Dog

What are the best flea remedies for dogs?

Both fleas and ricks are nasty parasites which can cause dogs a lot of discomfort. Worse than that however, fleas and ticks can cause serious dog allergies, diseases and even death if they are not controlled and eliminated. There are natural flea remedies for dogs you can try, such as herbal shampoos or you could also try adding garkic to you dog’s food as a preventative.

Fleas are miniscule brown bugs that live on your dog’s skin and feed by sucking your dog’s blood. If you part your dog’s hair you can see them jumping. Fleas can’t fly, but they can jump quite a distance and travel simply from one pet to another. They irritate the skin and make your dog uncomfortable – although not all scratching dogs have fleas.

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The saliva of the flea is a powerful allergenic substance that can set up a grim allergic response in a susceptible dog. In that sort of case the dog will lose a great deal of fur, particularly above the tail, and develop scaly skin on his back. He’ll doubtless scratch himself so persistently, the skin bleeds. This condition is often known as fleabite rash. Besides causing skin irritation, the flea is the unlikely host of the tapeworm – an internal bug.

Ticks are about size of a pinhead, and tend to inhabit the parts of the dog where the hair is thin. They will burrow into the pet’s skin and eat the animal’s blood. When they’re distended with blood, ticks expand to roughly the dimensions of a pea. After the tick is ended its banquet, it will lay its eggs into a crack or cleft, and fall off the dog. Mostly with pets, you’ll only find 1 or 2 ticks, which you can simply remove with tweezers or suffocate with petroleum jelly. Another good secret is to spray an insect repellant onto the head of the tweasers before you try to remove the tick – this could regularly cause the tick to release it’s hold on your dog’s skin making allowances for straightforward removal.

Some ticks are devastating and so it is essential that you protect you dog especially during the sumer months when ticks are most prelevant. Many spot on flea treatments will provide the best flea treatment for dogs and will also defend against the most typical ticks.

Fleas and ticks can cause chaos in your pet’s life, causing anything from mild scratching and pain thru to dreadful sickness and sometimes death. Once fleas enter your environment, they spread and multiply at an intense rate. The best flea treatments for dogs change on your preferences with a bunch of different products you can use to get rid of fleas and ticks from your pet as well as your house. Nevertheless it is advisable to talk to your vet or a professional before essentially using any of these products as they can be poisoness to your pet, other pets or you.

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