How Do You Take Care Of A New Puppy?

My dad brought home a new puppy and we’re not sure what to feed him. Should we give him kibble or canned food? I think he’s about six weeks old. Also, he shivers a lot. How can we keep him warm if he refuses to stay under the blanket?

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  • MegaNerd says:

    Eukanuba is the best food on the market, bar none. It’s expensive by the pound, but since a puppy only eats what he needs for nutrition, he will eat less and the bag will last a LONG time. A side-benefit is that they poop less. 😀
    If he’s not cold and shivering, then it could be a breed trait and is not to be of concern. Small dogs (chihuahuas, etc.) and dogs with thin coats often shiver, especially when they are young. As long as the dog is inside and you have the room temperature at a reasonalbe setting, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  • tdude09 says:

    You should have known how to take care of a puppy before your dad bought one.
    Kibble foond, and maybe a little canned food mixxed in once in a while.
    Six years old he should really still be with his litter.
    If he gets cold hold him then if you can and have warm blankents around where he is laying.

  • missbcjo says:

    Solid Gold Hutchenflocken is the best puppy food or eukanuba.Dry food is better for their teeth. Use a heating pad that’s what we use after surgeries at the vet clinic, place it on low

  • pet matcher says:

    Your in for a lot of fun but you need to get a good book on puppies. Feed the puppy, puppy food, dry puppy food contains what they need and it will give you amounts according to size and weight on the bag. Make sure the puppies bed is in a warm place. I hope you have a crate for the puppy. You did not mention breed. A hot water bottle covered with a towel should help. Also take the puppy to a vet for a wellness check and the beginning of its shots and I hope you ask when the puppy can be altered. Start checking out whe you can get your pup in a class for puppy training.

  • enemany says:

    its good 4 puppys 2 have raw meat from the pet store and they can wear a jacket

  • DogLover says:

    Dry food is fine. No need to waste money on canned food. When I got my puppy, the pieces of kibble were too big to chew so we softened them with water. Maybe he’s shivering because he is nervous. When we brought my Lily home she whined a lot.