How Do I Take Care Of My New Puppy? What Are The Basic Shots/care Needed? He Is 4 Months Old!?

I have a beautiful 4 month old puppy, that I love dearly! As a new dog owner, how do I take care of him? How do I train him to go potty on the grass instead of in the house? So far he had 6 accidents on my plush carpet! What healthcare measures do I take? This dog was a gift and did not come with instructions, but he is soo cute, I am pledging to love and care for him. Also how do I adjust his behavior to my young daughter? He likes to bite as a form of playing, has ripped my pant leg, and scratched the entire family up. How can we teach him to play nicely?

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  • Jennifer says:

    1. take him to the vet for proper health care and have him neutered.
    2. Take him to obedience classes to ensure that he learns proper behavior w/ all members of your family.
    3. Crate training is the best method for house breaking.

  • Goldengi says:

    Thank you for putting in the effort and not just throwing him back into a pound.
    Take him to your vet for an over all health evaluation, they should be able to tell you what vaccinations he needs for your area and if he has any addition issues (mites, fleas, UTI..). You should also ask about microchipping, it’s realy valuable and gives you peace of mind, it costs about $25.
    Search the internet for “dog training” for a basic over view and then search for the issues you wish to adress “puppy nipping”. There’s so much to puppy trainging it would be hard to fit it all in here. Find out about the puppy trainging classes in your area, they’re a great place to socialise for your dog and very enriching.
    Please could you inform the person that giving living creatures as gifts isn’t the best idea, because if somebody is not as willing as you are, then the animal could suffer.

  • Rachal96 says:

    Congratulations! You will get lots of great answers posted here, but here is my recommendation- find a puppy training/puppy kindergarten class and sign up for it ASAP. Find a vet in your area, take the puppy in for worm check, shots, and basic exam. Ask the vet to recommend a trainer or obedience club in your area. Pick up a crate for the puppy to sleep in- preferably something he will still fit in when fully grown, but not too big. Puppy stays in crate when you cannot watch him to prevent accidents. As soon as you take him out of the crate, take him out to the grass, let him smell around until he decides where he wants to go, praise him alot when he does, then bring him back in. Take him out every time he eats, drinks, or wakes up from a nap.

  • Dogboot2 says:

    As far as veterinary care – you should take him to see a Vet for his first check up. The typical vaccations that puppies get are Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella. Rabies is mandatory and I HIGHLY recommend Distemper – once it is caught by an animal it is practically always fatal. This vaccination comes in three doses that are separated by a couple of weeks time. Bordatella is useful if you ever decide to groom, board or take him to puppy play time. In most cases, if your dog will be interacting with other dogs, they will probably require bordatella.
    Another important aspect of your dog’s health that I want to stress is heartworm prevention!!! I have three dogs – all rescues and TWO of which had heartworms!!! This is a DEADLY disease and is very hurtful to a dogs health. If not taken care of – the dog can suffer through a lot of pain and agony. It is treatable – but the process is long, expensive and requires a lot on the owner to keep the dog calm.
    If you start him on heartworm preventative before 6 months of age he can forego getting a heartworm test until he’s had ONE year of preventative. Most vet’s require that your dog have a YEARLY heartworm test, to make sure that the preventative is working.
    I’ve never had to deal with a dog that likes to play bite, so I’m sorry I can give you much advice on that, but I’m sure there are plenty of people answering your question in that regard. However, I do believe that puppy training school is a great idea – and can help you and your puppy bond! GOOD LUCK! 🙂