How Do I Take Care Of A Puppy?

He is a 4 week (month) old rottweiler. What should i feed him Were does he sleep i need as much information possible.
The vet didnt help much can you help me please!!!Thanxs

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  • alis_n_1 says:

    Did the pup lose his mother? Did the mother lose her milk? Why was he taken away so young? You need puppy formula.
    Boy that is young – the puppy still needs what it would get from his mother’s milk, so you are going to have to give him formula. When he is another week or so start putting down food, you may have to get wet and dry and mix it at first. That young the pup is going to still need to feel someone next to him, let him sleep with you or get a stuffed animal or something.

  • mommy says:

    its called going to the LIBRARY and getting books on puppy care! you should of done that before you got the dog…. petco can also help you out or petsmart…

  • Sk8er :] says:

    i would go on google and search rottweiler care or info it will give you lots of info research helps alot trust me i did that with my toy poodle i know alot about them now

  • Oh Yeah!!! A dog bed from Foster and Smith catalog will do. 3 cups of Canidae Dog Food, I’d say.

  • Foxxy says:

    When my dogs were young they slept in a cage but it depends on were you want them to sleep when they get older, because if u cage train them they may want to sleep in a cage even when they get older. You can feed the puppy large breed puppy food, it’s suppose to help with bone development. I’d say do what your comfortable with because that’s what your puppy is going to do.

  • alvin says:

    feed it and give it water if still small let mom feed it milk.

  • WC says:

    I use to feed my German Shepherd can dog food. You can do the same, or buy some of that bagged dry dog food, if that is what he likes. As far as sleeping arrangements, my dog was a house dog, so I let him sleep in a room in the house with one of the family members. He has run of the house.

  • Jaymes says:

    That puppy shouldn’t have left his mother until 6-8 weeks of age. Go to a pet store and buy a puppy milk replacer. Mix the milk and a quality dry puppy food together. Make sure it is warm (not hot-Do the wrist test like you would a bottle) Keep the puppy in a box with blankets, a stuffed animal and a ticking clock. Make sure the puppy eats about every 4 hours and always provide fresh water. Don’t take the puppy into public or around other dogs until all puppy shots are complete because he will be susceptible to parvo and other deadly viruses. Make people that have been handling other dogs wash their hands before touching your puppy. I hope this helps!

  • Tammy R says:

    You should have a crate for him to sleep in. If he is eating crunchy dog food just stick with that. I’m partial to Science Diet. It will give you sticker shock at first, but over a period of time it is cheaper than the store bought foods. They don’t eat as much and the potty is a lot less also. You will want to feed him every 3 to 5 hours. Make sure he gets to the vet for his shots every 3 weeks until he is 16 weeks old and then it will be time for his Rabie shot. Also this time of year you will need heart worm preventative. You will not have to have the blood test this year because he hasn’t been exposed to mosquitos to have the heart worm, but next year you will need the test. Do not take him to parks or public areas where there are other dogs until he’s had at least 3 sets of shots. Parvo is really easy for them to get and they aren’t safe from it until after the 3rd shot. Even keep him in a crate or on your lap when you go to the vet until you get him in the exam room and on the metal table. Have fun and get into a puppy class as soon as he’s old enough. You will need to know how to set the boundries and be the alpha since he was taken from his mom so soon and hasn’t been taught this. Rotties are big teddy bears but they do need their owners to be the alpha dog or they will and that can cause problems. By alpha, that doesn’t mean being mean. It just means that when you want him to sit, he is to sit. When you walk, he walks next to you or behind you. You are the mom basically and you set the rules just like you would a child. Pretty simple stuff really. Find a good trainer that will use positive reinforcement when training. Good luck!!!

  • DP says:

    How much help can he give.. That puppy should be with his mom for at LEAST 4 more weeks.. Take him back to the puppymill you got him from.

  • tankstar says:

    WHY do you have a one month old puppy?

  • JonasGir says:

    there is formula you can by at the pet store and little bottles if he doesn’t want to eat on his own. he can sleep in a box or a fenced off area in a house.

  • John B says:

    he should sleep in a kennel or crate at night. Put blankets or rugs on the bottom of kennel for sleeping. Also get a hot water bag. this is great for young puppies. They think it is their mothers warm tummy and will curl up against it at night.