How Do I Care For My New Puppy?

My puppy is a cross between a St. Bernard and a Labrador. It’s male, about six weeks old, and was just given to me this afternoon. What should I feed it? Is it okay to give it baths? How often should I bathe it? How do I cut its nails? How do I housebreak it?

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  • vanthea2 says:

    The first thing you should do is take your pup to a vet for a check up and worming, all pups have worms and need worming, your 6 week pup should be fed 3-4 times a day, dry puppy food is the best, but get a good brand, its worth spending a liitle extra, always have clean fresh water available, puppies need toilet every half an hour or so, you must take him outside to a spot where you want him to use as his toilet and praise him for using it every time, make a big deal of it so that he knows he has done well, and always after he eating and when you see him sniffing around the floor, that is always a sure sign. i always choose a spot where i lay newspaper down in the house, it seems to attract pups to use it in case of any accidents, but if you see him pee or poop anywhere else just say in a stern voice no and bad dog and then take him outside. all this takes time and patience but pays off in the end, hope you enjoy him for many years. all the best.

  • Nora Explora says:

    Quick! Go to and get the book – Puppies for Dummies!!!!

  • mrscross says:

    Why on earth did you get a puppy if you have no idea how to care for it? A little pup will need to be fed 3-4 times a day with good quality puppy food. Bath it only if he is dirty. Make sure he is wormed and make sure he get’s to the vet to be checked over and to start him on injections.

  • xchocola says:

    you shouldnt have bought it yet. i am already asking questions about labrador puppies and im getting one next year!!
    go onto google and ask all those questions there.
    dont u cut his nails cos u could cut his veins. go get a vet do it.
    surely u must have dog books and neighbours who have owned puppies who can help you? contact your vet to book appointments for vaccinations and they might be able to give u advice
    think b4 u buy dogs, ppl!
    also prepare for lots of slobber – st. bernards slobber.

  • josh2005 says:

    with lots of love

  • Stacey S. says:

    Sounds like you need to read more…
    Go visit a vet also. he/she may help you..
    As for food i say a puppy food.. dry..
    u do need to bathe him… as for how often.. try every 2-3 weeks (or ask vet or look up or just wait till he getsstinky or dirty lol)..
    his nails require special nail clippers located at your local pet store… u need to be careful not to cut too much or you’ll make him bleed. I suggest to have your vet place cut his nails.. they usually will do it for a small fee.
    for housebreaking, find a designated area, get a puppy pad and place there and show him.. if u see him looking for a place to pee or c**p direct him to the pad. later if he does it by himself praise him.. if he misses scold him a lil and show him where..

  • fishhead says:

    You should feed it a high protien puppy chow. Dry food is good for their teeth. Contrary to popular belief, you really should not give them bones. Bones can break their teeth.
    As for bathing,you can do this as often as you want. A bath cannot hurt a dog. In fact , if you get them used to bathing when they are young it will be easier to do when they are fully grown.
    Potty training comes easier to some dogs than others. Take it outside frequently to a place you want them to go. praise them when they do it. If they go in the house, rub their nose in it, scold it, and put it outside. DO NOT beat them, as this will just cause fear and confusion.
    I’ve raised many dogs and I can tell you , no two are alike in training. Above all, be patient, and be prepared to give up a few of your prize possesions as chew toys.( a puppy doesn’t know your $100 shoe is not a toy.)

  • lilmess7 says:

    i agree, why would you accept a pup w/o knowing how to properly care for it? first i think you should do some research on both of those breads. that pup is going to be VERY large. do you have adequate space? do you have the time and $$ it takes to train and care for the dog?
    right now you should feed it what the breeder is feeding it. im sure its a type of puppy chow. you don’t want to switch the food suddenly because the dog will get diarrhea. baths- only bathe the dog when it needs it. most dogs have sensitive skin that will dry out quickly if you over wash them. so 1-2x a month is probably the most you should bathe it. cutting its nails- be VERY careful. i would suggest you taking it to a groomer to show you, or a vet, if you have never done this before. you can accidently clip to far down and clip into the pulp of their nail and make them bleed. its extremely painful for the dog, and will be painful to your ears. housetraining- rule of thumb- the dog needs to go out every 1-2 hours. even through out the night. i would suggest crate training the dog, because it helps potty train faster. i had mine trained w/in a week. plus the crate will help keep the dog from getting into things.
    basically i would just suggest you google ALL of the things you asked and find out for yourself what works best. please do that for your sake and the dogs sake. really helped me with alot of things. check it out.
    good luck!

  • weather says:

    first question: you can feed it a variety of food and see which ones he likes. you can give it baths, but it just went in a new home so give it a few weeks before bathing it. once a few weeks pass and your dog is used to the house you can give him a bath every 2 weeks. it is hard to cut a dogs nails. you can send him to the groomers or cut them yourself every house break it you must give him walks. if it is warm where you live leave him outside on his leash with you holding the leash and wait and wait and wait. housebreaking is the hardest and requires time and patience