How Do I Care For An Unweaned Puppy?

My neighbor is forcing her 5 week old puppies out in the street, and I need some help caring for them. Any ideas pleasee?

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  • NJ animal lover says:

    As far as feeding them goes, you can bottle feed the puppies. You can give them warm milk, warm chicken broth, such like. They should be fed every couple of hours if at all possible. It is really not good for the pups to be out on the street. I don’t know where you live, but if there is any traffic at all in the neighborhood, the pups are in real danger of getting hit. Also, when they are that young it is easy for them to get sick, so they need to be kept dry and warm. If they are not with their mother they really, REALLY, need attention. If you can “kidnap” them from your neighbor and bring them into your house, that might be best. I have cared for a lot of young and abandoned animals, and each case is always something new. Young puppies get sick very easily, so they really need to be watched. If there is any kind of rain or bad weather, they absolutely need to be brought in. They should not get any vaccinations till about 8 weeks old, though. Though I am in favor of humane societies, the truth is that they have to euthanize a lot of the animals that get brought to them, so if you can find good homes for the puppies (when they are 8+ wks old), it is much better than taking them to a shelter. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask, I would love to help.

  • PRINTS says:

    You are good to help the puppies. If they are taken to the shelter with the mother, they may be put to sleep. That happened to a cat someone recently took to the shelter (private “Humane Society”). The mother was euthanized. The pups may be able to eat softened food, but it would be to their best interest to bottle-feed them, too. This gives the puppies comfort and nutrition. Get the little bottles in the store, for small animals. You can get them at a local pet supply store. Then get some puppy formula. You might have to slice the hole in the nipple a little larger for the puppies. If you give them regular milk, they may get diahhrea. Your little babies will love the bottles and you will have helped them be better pets because they will feel more secure. You might need to help them understand how to take a bottle compared to their mom, but soon you will all get used to it. Good luck with the little ones. Then, if you cannot find homes for them, you can contact a rescue league to try to help you. One place to try for homes is Craigslist ( Make sure to charge for the puppies because this will help keep them safe, as well as interviewing the people who come to look. Look at the other ads, and charge no less than about $40 each puppy.

  • At five weeks they should be able to eat solid foods. Although not old enough to be away from mom. If you take puppy food and soak it in water until it is all soaked up and soft they should be able to eat it no problem. The only other thing to worry about is keeping them warm and dry. Just remember the first vaccination should be at 7 weeks old.

  • Nicoleo R says:

    take the puppies mother awa yfrom your neighbor 5 week old puppies cant live without there mother unless given to a vet to be cared for contact a local animal shelter or vet for help they should know what to do that neighbor of yours has no heart they are ruthless mean pigs with no heart how could they do that to puppies your a good person for taking care of the puppies good luck!

  • Best bet would be take them to a local rescue organization so they can be placed in a foster home. Unweaned puppies are alot of work. And you can report your neighbor to the police for dog neglect for abandoning young puppies.

  • G C says:

    Call Animal Control immediately!!!
    She’s forcing puppies out ‘onto the street’? Hellfire! at least the bi*ch could bring them to a shelter with the mother!
    Pups need the nurturing for at least 8 weeks.
    Call Animal Control NOW